London or New York: where will you get a better divorce settlement

With these jet-setting billionaires and celebrity couples routinely living transborder lives, it is becoming increasingly relevant to consider where you might get a better settlement if you divorced your spouse, so that you can gear your life in such a way as to accomodate that possibility.
This weekend I read an article in the Economist about the effect of globilization and the binational/transborder marriage. The article’s byline was, “International marriages are crumbling with the global economy, revealing unseen pitfalls in cross-border divorce law.”
BTW I did another post on this Economist report about the Hague Convention and the custody of children from binational marriages. You can link to it
Well, in the report, there was this chart which shows how you would come out if you split in England vs. New York vs. Germany vs. France. And it was very interesting. I thought. I have done a few posts where I tried to make other comparisons between
So, where is it better to get a divorce? I think it depends on which spouse you are. If you are the spouse without money, stay in more London. If you are the spouse with the money, run for your life and don’t stop running till you reach the shores of the Hudson. Cause otherwise? You gonna get cremed.