Octuplet's grandmother could trigger investigation by child welfare services

I saw Nadya Suleman and her octuplets on Entertainment Tonight last night when I was working out at the gym. And you know what? It was like ahhhhhh! They are beyond cute! omg. Really adorable! It’s like, aaahhhhh! You could eat them up. You know? And I felt bad. You know? Because my position is still my position, as I expressed in all my prior Nadya Suleman posts. I think it’s a bit much for a single mom and I think her judgment for having more kids when she already had six kids at home, is questionable, at best. But maybe it’s me.
Although, it seems her mother Angela, the octuplets’ grandmother, who apparently was interviewed on video yesterday, agrees with me.
She is quoted as telling Radaronline.com “Why did she do this? I’m struggling to look after her six. We had to put in bunk beds, feed them in shifts and there’s children’s clothing piled all over the house.”
What? And Nadya went in to get eight more? The Yahoo account stated, “The Web site posted photographs Sunday from inside Angela Suleman’s disheveled three-bedroom home, where Nadya and her brood also live. Heaps of clothing pour from an open closet door and a carpeted bedroom, where a bedsheet serves as a curtain, is cluttered with cribs.”
I have been having very heated discussions about this with people, because there are differing opinions, and ultimately, maybe it is none of anybody’s business that Nadya Suleman has chosen to do this. On the one hand. But on the other hand, I saw a portion of the video, her mother looks so tired and claims that she is the one who is the main caregiver of these children. They are getting food stamps for the other six at home, three of whom are disabled. I don’t see this as a “celebration of life” as one person argued. I really don’t see this as good. I mean, the kids are already here and they will be cared for by some means, obviously.
But I would not be surprised if Child Welfare Services went in and took those kids. Especially with the mother’s video taped statements. And the photos of the interior of the home. This story is far from over. And I feel bad. I feel bad for Nadya Suleman and those incredibly cute babies she has. But she doesn’t have a clue, and she is in for some real serious trouble.
As for the doctor who did this? As I have said, ad naseum, I think he breached his ethical standard of care and should at least be reprimanded, if not have his license suspended for a few months.
As for her mother outing her like this? I mean, if I would understand if Nadya never speaks to her mother again. I would understand if Nadya sees what she did as a betrayal. That is kind of phock’d up. Excuse my French. But maybe the mom was feeling desperate and didn’t know what else to do.
Boy. Poor girl. Poor babies.