Ruth Madoff and Bernie's permanent asset freeze: what about the jewelry?

I am going to keep this one short and sweet, but now that Mr. Bernard Madoff has agreed by stipulation to a permanent asset freeze, and to not contest the civil lawsuit being waged against him in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on account of the ponzi scheme he admitted to running, now what? Will Ruth keep her jewelry?
The former Nasdaq chairman is also facing criminal charges, even though nearly $1 billion of the missing $50 billion in assets have been recovered and will be returned to investors, btw.
By asset freeze, though, I am just wondering if that will include Ruth’s Cartier watches and other fine jewelry? I suspect she will get to keep her engagement ring which is technically “separate property.” But what about all the other baubles he bought her (and which she did not send out as Christmas care packages to family members)? Will she be able to keep any of it?
I mean, was there any “marital property” that was off the table for the Feds? Or will Ruth take subject to all the creditors and investors? In which case, since they’ve only come up with $1 billion of the $50 billion, what are we looking at here?
Is the Park Avenue penthouse (the marital residence), for example, “frozen”? And, I mean, where are they going to live when this whole thing blows over?
Cause, I am getting the feeling it’s going to blow over and that Mr. Madoff may actually beat this wrap. His lawyer, Ira Sorkin, seems like a bloody magician! Like he could make this whole thing disappear. But where will they live? And what about Ruth’s jewelry?
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