Sterile wife using surrogate, loses job for faking maternity leave

Henrietta Nabulele-Osakue, a Nigerian New Yorker, was nabbed by her bosses at the Board of Education Teacher’s Retirement System, for lying about being sick, when in fact she was nursing her surrogate who was giving birth to her child.
Ms. Nabulele-Osakue was in a management position at Teacher’s Retirement and making well over $100K per year. But she was demoted to $26K for taking the fake sick leave time. Her excuse for this moral failing was that she is sterile and in her native Nigeria, sterility is a shameful thing, and so she covered up the real truth, so that she could have a baby.
All things considering, with everything else that is going on in the world, is that really such a big crime? The poor woman wanted a baby and she wanted her privacy. Is that really such a big crime? With all the other news making headlines these days?
She wanted one baby. And she wanted to do it privately with her surrogate. That is not a crime. It is definitely weird how they ganged up on that woman and outed her business like that. Not nice.