The other victims in the Debra Silver/Michael Ruiz murder/suicide debacle

Lovers Michael Ruiz and Debra Silver were locked in their own destiny and what was going to happen was probably going to happen no matter what anyone did. It still does not mitigate this tragic circumstance.
When they met at work, 55 year old Michael Ruiz was already married according to the New York Post. His wife, Wendy Ruiz who had borne him two children was married to him for nearly 30 years when Michael and Debra started their affair. I don’t think his marriage to another woman transformed him into a rampaging murderer or anything. But the story just gets more complicated because he was married. I mean, I suspect a person who carries around a gun and who would gun down themselves and others has serious emotional issues and that such a person could be married, single, or divorced or whatever. But the fact that he was married definitely ups the ante in terms of “holy @#$%” factor quotient. Know what I mean?
But it wasn’t just about Debra and Michael. There was also Wendy, Michael’s wife who had just filed for divorce in January, and then there was the ex lover Daniel Tedlie who was supposedly innocently sharing a shabbat supper with Debra, not realizing it would literally be his last. Why did they have to suffer?
Okay. Granted. Wendy is alive and well, as are her children. But what did Daniel have to do with this? It makes me wonder if Michael Ruiz was angry at Debra for what he perceived as the person who “ruined” his long term marriage, and so he went over there with the gun, not knowing that another man was there, to kill her for this. And then when he got there and found out that, omg, she was seeing another man? Well, it was a “ze nigmar” situation. Nobody walked out of that alive.
But, by all accounts, Daniel Tedlie was an innocent man and was not having an affair with Debra. They were strictly platonic friends. And Wendy was a long suffering wife who did not deserve this notoriety.
What is the lesson? What is the takeaway? Well, in life, we should all try our very best to do the right thing. None of us is above reproach, but boy. This is a big time lesson right here. DO. THE. RIGHT. THING.
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