50 cents lawsuit thrown out: No $50 million "alimony" for Shaniqua Thompkins

Well, Shaniqua Thompkins, ex girlfriend and baby mama of Curtis Jackson’s son Marquis, struck out big time in Manhattan Supreme Court. Shaniqua brought suit against rapper 50 cents, alleging that he had “promised to take care of her for life.” She apparently said that the promise was made back when they were 21, and it was made in their bedroom when they were living together, young and penniless.
This is an intriguing case because 50 Cents and Shaniqua never married. They only have a child together for whom she receives nearly $7000 per month in child support. But she claims that he said if he ever made it big, he would give her half his earnings for life. I mean, he could have said it. When we are young and in love, didn’t we promise a whole bunch of  things to each other? Tell the truth? My first love promised me that if he ever won lotto, that he would find me where ever I am and give me a portion of his winnings. I’m very serious. He said this. I was about 21 at the time, and he said this. Now, where is this guy today? I don’t have a clue. And I am certain if he won lotto, I am the last person he would remember, never mind to track me down and make good on this promise.
But you know what? It doesn’t matter. It’s just young love, and the fact that she spent money, (that would be Ms. Thompson) on a lawsuit trying to enforce a verbal contract of this nature, is mindboggling. Doesn’t it have to be in writing after a certain amount? I forgot my contract law, but the Statute of Frauds requires a writing for any contract that exceeds a certain amount in dollar value, and that would take more than a year to be performed? I am pretty sure that I was paying attention in class that day and I am pretty sure that this statement of 50 Cents, back when they were 21 years old, would have to have been in writing, pursuant to the Statute of Frauds. So I don’t know where Shaniqua and her lawyer  Paul Catsandonis, who is said to be “set to file an appeal over the dismissed lawsuit”  got off bringing this lawsuit in the first place. I think the judge, honorable Carol Edmead was absolutely correct when she ruled the lawsuit frivolous.
Plus, isn’t there also a statue of limitations on breach of contract actions? I am thinking, like seven years or so? These people are now in their 30’s. I think that lawsuit is barred by laches – meaning, she “slept on her rights for too long.” Cause, I’m pretty sure that contract breaches in New York have a 6-7 year statute of limitations. So she’s way late.
Moreover, come on. Can you imagine the precedent a contrary ruling would have set in this country? Every entertainer in the world would be fair game on this one and lose their fortunes to any Tommy Dicky and Harry and Susan who claimed the star had “promised to support them for life.” It would be terrible. It would be a travesty.
Look, Shaniqua gets a decent sum in child support payments each month in the amount of $6,700 and she maintains sole custody of the 11 year old son she shares with Mr. Jackson. Admittedly, it is not a lot of money when you consider Mr. Jackson’s income. I mean, you can’t live that large on $7,000 per month. But it is not like they were married and the child had become accustomed to a certain “standard of living.”
The Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) outlines the child support obligations for non-custodial parents. And I can tell you that he owes her about 17% of his adjusted gross income on the first $80,000 and after that, it is up to the judge’s discretion. She had apparently gone in and asked for $50,000 per month. And she got $6,700. I think she could have probably gotten a bit more child support. But I definitely don’t think she was entitled to $50 million dollars based on a verbal contract. This man was never even her husband.