How is Cynthia Rodriguez handling ex husband Alex Rodriguez's steroid scandal?

When Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce from hubby Alex Rodriguez last summer after five years of marriage, there was a collective dropping of the jaws when superstar Madonna was rumored and alleged to be his secret paramour with whom he was having midnight trysts in her love nest in Manhattan. I cannot confirm the veracity of these allegations, obviously, but I do recall that it was absolutely scandalicious, actually, since Ms. Ciccone-Ritchie was still married to British tough guy, Guy Ritchie at the time. Check out related Madonna posts here:
Cynthia, a proud Latino woman who clearly knows her worth, was not having that nonsense. She filed for divorce on the basis of adultery in Miami Dade County. (Btw, check out these related posts, including one that tells you “how to divorce a sports star”, here:
Cynthia Rodriguez was very clear about what she wanted. First of all, she wanted custody of the two cuties they had together, 5 year old Ella Rodriguez and 3 year old Natasha Rodriguez. She also wanted the house they lived in (the marital residence) speculated at the time (this is pre-recession) to be worth in excess of $12 million dollars.  And, of course, some cash. At the time of the divorce, A-rod was in the first year of a 10 year contract worth in excess of $275 million dollars for hitting balls for the New York Yankees.
But what a difference a day makes. On Monday, while I was busy obsessing about the fact that I will not meet my 30 pounds weight loss goals by Valentines Day (too many bloody Starbucks rice-crispy and marshmallow thingies), Alex Rodriguez admitted that  he used performance-enhancing drugs earlier in his career. Says Wikipedia (where would I be without Wikipedia!) “On February 7th, 2009, Sports Illustrated reported that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids, testosterone and Primobolan, …”  Alex is quoted as saying that it was a “‘gorilla’ off his back'” and says he is “now intent on putting the past behind him.”
Boy. Seems to me Cynthia didn’t get out a moment too soon, in terms of getting a good settlement. Talk about timing her divorce perfectly. It wasn’t a moment too soon!  Oh, by the way, you can also check out a bunch of related posts about timing a divorce and how, when or even if getting a divorce in a bad economy makes any sense, here:
So. Yes. Cynthia was very smart. First of all, she missed the worse of this ridiculous recession and didn’t have to sell off the marital residence in a bad market. Then she missed the scandal which means that if, for some reason, the Yankees determine that they can no longer, in good conscience, honor the contract they signed with Alex Rodriguez on account of this doping scandal, then Cynthia has already received her settlement and, unless Alex gets cute and tries to pull a Steven Simkin post-divorce move to try to strip Cynthia of her settlement, she is keeping every dime she got, even if he eventually finds himself out of a job, and, well, penniless.
Apparently, Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid player in baseball right now. I wouldn’t necessarily know this for a fact cause, I mean, what do I know about sports and sports stars? But I heard somewhere that he was the top grossing player. And apparently he has said that his goal at the moment is to “win a world series.” But who knows how this story is going to end? I mean, he’s lost his wife and kids, he’s lost Madonna (who is now shacking up with a 22 year old named Jesus Luz; did you see that photo spread in W magazine?!) and now, what is going to be left of his career? I mean, I read on Zimbio that he is dating someone named Joslyn Noel Morse. But, I mean, does she compare to Madonna or Cynthia? Is he trading up? Or down?
I have seen the headlines about Alex’s scandal and guilty plea and I have to say, it’s pretty distracting and depressing. The states, “Rodriguez, 33, said he had fallen victim to the pressures of the 10-year, £224m contract he signed with the Texas Rangers in 2001 and to the ‘culture’ of the day, but had not used performance-enhancing drugs before then or since joining the Yankees in 2004.”
Look, I believe in second chances. But I don’t know. I don’t know what to say anymore about a lot of this stuff. It’s been an overwhelming amount of shocks and awes lately and I just…boy. What can I say?… Alex said, “I feel good today about coming forward and being honest and turning the page for the next chapter of my life.”
And you know what? I guess that sums it up. But I am sure that Cynthia is glad she got out when she did. Oh, I’m sure she’ll be there for him if he needs her (some of us women are mushes like that, always there to clean up the mess) but at least, she got the house. And her settlement. And she got her kids. So, que sera sera.