See, I told you, Cynthia Rodriguez is standing by her man – even though she and Alex are divorced!

You know, I’m a hopeless, ridiculously mushy “creature unlike any other.” I love the fact that Cynthia Rodriguez is standing by her ex husband (didn’t I predict she would here, even though, look at what he did to her? With Madonna (allegedly, but at this point I am not even sure if I believe it — and strippers, apparently?)  Why should she care what happens to him? Why? But she cares. And I understand the impulse. I totally understand why she cares and it is touching to see that with all the cynicism and heartlessness in the world, there are still people who have a heart. And there are still people who truly love. Because, in this context, she has to really love him to put her face next to his when the chips are down and there is a mess to clean up.
According to the Daily News, Cynthia told friends that Madonna “used the Jewish mysticism of kabbalah to seduce and ‘brainwash’ her husband.” I guess that’s worn off now, and he’s come back home to momma now that he needs to be held. These men. They don’t know a gem till she’s gone.
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