Famed divorce attorney Rauol Felder to pen tome

Well, I don’t know if you would call it a tome, exactly, but Rauol Felder, divorce attorney extraordinaire in New York (the kind I wanna be when I grow up) is, according to Liz Smith, about to pen a book on the subject of divorce. He is teaming up with another author, Barbara Victor.
Says Liz Smith: “Felder and Victor are providing their publisher St. Martin’s Press with anecdotes, delicious gossip, and concrete advice on how to make divorce cheap, easy and a life-affirming experience. Felder will be the champion of women and Victor of men in this work. Noting that revenge is a full-time job, the authors’ credo seems to be ‘Get a life!'”
You can read the whole article at the New York Post….hey, I got some annecdotes I could share with them? How come nobody’s asking me to share my anecdotes? I wanna share my anecdotes!