Gwyneth Paltrow's Valentine GOOP is so sexy, it could save your marriage!

Gwyneth’s GOOP for a past Valentine’s Day could literally save your marriage!
Oh la la. Have you seen this week’s GOOP recipes? I am one of those people who actually subscribes to GOOP cause I just love Gwyneth. I think she’s stylish, interesting, and ultra cosmopolitan. And, I mean, I don’t know what it says about me that I actually subscribe to GOOP because I know a lot of people make fun of it? But I see what she is trying to do, she’s just sharing, and I don’t necessarily think GOOP is for everybody. I mean, a man would probably rather slit his wrists than subscribe to GOOP. It’s girly, what can I say? And some women may find it, whatever. But I like it. I enjoy getting the emails.
This week’s GOOP is filled with Valentine’s recipes that you can make for your husband or boyfriend. It’s like, oooh. And the pics of the actual finished dish are just aphrodisiacal in and of themselves, I think. I really think, if your husband has any appreciation for the culinary arts, these recipes may save your marriage if it’s on the rocks. I mean, look at this molten chocolate cake, for instance:
Here is the full recipe from Ms. Paltrow. I think I’ve got to go shopping at the Garden of Eden. I’ve got to try this. Oh, go to for the full recipes. I didn’t think it was appropriate to lift the whole newsletter. But, yea, the menu:

Fried Oysters with Curried Crème Fraîche
Roasted Poussins and Potatoes
Steamed Artichokes with Cheat’s Aioli
Molten Chocolate Cakes