Why would someone send death treats to octuplet mom Nadya Suleman?

This octuplet mom situation is getting out of control. Like many people, I am slightly disturbed by Nadya’s story, and worry about the fate of her 14 children. I may even go as far as to say that she acted a bit recklessly by getting inseminated with more children even though she already had 6 young children at home that she seemed barely equipped to provide for financially. I mean, I was very vocal about it. I said a lot on the issue and you can read all I’ve said here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=suleman
But hold up your horses. I don’t think anybody should be threatening this woman with death just because she has a penchant for getting pregnant. That is crazier than what she did. Anyone who is doing that is way, way sicker than anything I can contemplate. I mean, I think if anything, Nadya deserves some sympathy because she is missing something in her life and she is trying to fill a void, and she is doing it by having children, but she fails to consider the consequences. That is not a criminal. That is not somebody who should be receiving death threats. Shame on anybody who would send death threats to this woman. Shame on you! You are definitely not helping the situation, and maybe you, more than Nadya, needs to get a life. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090211/us_nm/us_octuplets
Look, I don’t think the woman should have any more kids. But I am also not fully persuaded that when she went in to the fertility specialist she said, “knock me up with 8 kids.” I think she obviously wanted at least one more, and she got eight. And it’s a situation that has to be dealt with, and I question her judgment for wanting even one more under her particular set of circumstances, but you know what? The children are here now. The situation has to be dealt with. It is what it is.
I mean, I wish I lived in California. I would actually volunteer to help this girl. Cause, she built herself a kindergarten classroom. Fourteen kids is a whole class! She needs assistance. She needs prayers. She needs compassion too. And she does need, absolutely, to not have any more kids – by artificial insemination in particular. But she does not need death threats. That is just stoopid. And evil. And illiterate. And lame. And shameful. Shame on you, anyone who would do that. Shame on you!