Eben Bronfman divorce: Who is Eben Bronfman and why were his divorce papers seized by Suffolk County DA?

I was just reading on Page Six that Suffolk County DA seized a whole bunch of files from attorney George Guldi’s office, about 46 boxes, and included in the seized data were the files pertaining to Eben Bronfman’s divorce from his wife Maria. Maria apparently sent out a mass email accusing Eben of having adulterous trysts with his mistress named Kathy Hwang and paying for expensive hotel rooms for Ms. Hwang while his daughter wore clothes from the Salvation Army. You just can’t make this stuff up!
Eben was advisor to Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau and if it is the same guy, he is also a professor of some sort at ASA Institute of Advanced Tech. Or is he the same guy as Eber Bronfman the heir to the Seagram Liquor fortune and current CEO of Warner Music? That can’t be the same guy because I think I read that the latter has about seven or eight kids and he’s worth in the billions. But if we are not talking about the same guy, are the two Bronfmans related? I am very confused about this Eben Bronfman character and why he is a boldfaced name on Page Six. And why were his divorce papers seized? This makes no sense.
Well. Whatever. I’m not going to sit here and try to make sense of it. I’ve got too much on my plate today. But. Yea. His divorce papers, including his financial affidavits, have been seized.