INDIANA: Michelle Schrenker is not having a great Valentine's

I gather Michelle Schrenker just did an interview on NBC or Today or something? Wow. It seems she has been signing off on her husband Marcus Schrenker’s company documents as “CFO” and the feds want to know why she would do that, if as she said, she was not involved in the business and should therefore not be indicted.
I have had a theory that Michelle and Marcus are a modern day Bonnie and Clyde and that this whole elaborate story is a stunt gone wrong. They were supposed to end up in Mexico or the Caribbean living off the largesse of their mini ponzi scheme. Instead, the cute but not so bright Marcus didn’t put enough gas in the plane and the thing crashed over land instead of over water, and they got caught and now it looks like though Michelle had filed for divorce the day before, it looks like she may be more involved than she is saying in the fraud.
Michelle’s divorce petition was filed on the basis of adultery. Her husband was actually seen on surveillance tapes at the airport on New Year’s Eve with another woman by the name of Kelly with whom he was rumored to be having an affair. So the adultery is definitely true. But it doesn’t mean that the divorce was legit. A lot of wives know that their husbands are having an affair and choose to look the other way. So who knows if Michelle was of that class of women who could care less about a philandering husband?
I heard she had withdrawn nearly $100k from company accounts around the same time she filed for divorce. Although, that could have just been so that she could pay her lawyer. It doesn’t prove that she was a part of Marcus’ plot. But why was she signing off as CFO?
Boy. Oh Boy. This can’t be a great Valentine’s year for the 36 year old blond looker. Her husband is locked up in Federal prison claiming insanity in Florida and the Feds are beating a hot path to her door.
What’s the solution? What’s the takeaway? I think she needs to call Andrew and Mark Madoff.¬†They might have some strategies she can utilize to get herself out of this muddle, and leave Marcus holding the bag.
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