Is divorced Octomom Nadya Suleman's doctor the father of her babies? I think she needs a good publicist; and compassion

I know. It is very unpopular to suggest that anybody shows compassion to Nadya Suleman. She has been receiving death threats and I have observed in life, that when the tides are against a certain person or thing (like Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter, for instance) it is safer to join the masses instead of standing on the side that is less popular.
I was never able to do that. I was never able to join the masses if I felt in my heart that they were wrong. I have suffered for this, big time. And I suffer mostly because I have always found that when the tables are turned, I can ill find anyone to stand by me – in my moments of unpopularity. You know? Still, I am almost compelled to feel compassion for certain types of people – particularly those that everyone else wants me to hate. I need a good reason to hate. I hardly ever find a good enough reason to hate another person. Especially someone like Nadya Suleman.
I have said that Nadya did a reckless thing with the babies. And I am going to say it again. NADYA, WHAT YOU DID WAS RECKLESS. Do you understand? (check out these other post where I clearly express these views)
But.  I cannot join the masses who are making asinine threats against this woman, or calling her choice names because she made an unpopular, incomprehensible choice to have 14 kids. I mean, I don’t care about this woman’s plastic surgery and her Angelina lips. Or whatever else she had that makes people love to hate her so. For all we know those lips are hers, god-given by nature. Lots of people have naturally colossal lips. So what? 
I care about the kids, and what happens to them, and to the quality of life they will have under the circumstances of their birth. I do not think it is appropriate, as a society, to allow those kids to suffer because their mother made questionable choices. But it doesn’t mean I would agree to divesting her of custody of her kids, either. Something is going to have to be done in this situation. Some kind of parental assistance. But I think it would be a cruel thing to do to her at this time, to take the kids. What is the solution? I don’t know yet. But at this time, without more information, I am not advocating taking the kids, even though I recognize that, Houston, we’ve got a problem…
I think, as I said in earlier posts, that Nadya is clearly trying to fill a void. Cause, I mean, something is clearly wrong. Most definitely. This was not a normal “choice” under her particular set of circumstances. She’s not Angelina. She doesn’t have the financial means to be a baby-making machine. I’ve said this. I will always say this. Unless she gets a lucrative tv deal or something. If I were her, though, I’d start to keep a very low profile. She’s getting over-exposed and this will not help her to get any tv deals or other endorsements which she will need to keep her kids. 
And you know what? I feel sad for her that she is compelled in this way. She is compelled to have babies. She could have had worse compulsions, by the way. She is not Jack the Ripper, after all. She is not a serial murderer. She is not a terroristic minded person who wishes other people harm just for the sake of it and predicates harm upon them by reflex. She doesn’t even seem like she’s a cyber-bully – the newest kind of compulsive menace out there that is anti-social and criminal-minded, and that proliferates even among the elite, highly educated, seemingly “law abiding” set who try to pull off terroristic things like ruin people’s professional and personal reputations by impersonating them on the Internet and linking their name to to most despicable filth (because they think it is “wildly amusing”), among other things. These types, to me, are people much, much worse than Nadya. Yet, I don’t even wish them death threats.
I am not, by any means, condoning what Nadya did. I don’t even understand it, frankly. She is just a woman who wants to have babies, for some inexplicable reason, to “show them love.” Why this compulsion to show love to kids? That is an issue for a shrink, I am sure. Something is up with that. And, she goes about it all wrong, yes. There’s got to be more constructive ways to show love to kids than having 14 of them when you are single and unemployed.
But the kind of responses I am reading on the Internet, to this woman and her situation, is absolutely inappropriate  and does not fit the “crime.” I mean, if those kids live to be 100 years old, it will not cost taxpayers $50 billion dollars. Nowhere close. We don’t have to look too hard into the news to see that there are others among us right now who have done worse things that Nadya, worse things than having and wanting children. And I certainly don’t believe those people should be receiving death threats. So how could I ever condone the sending of such threats to a helpless woman who admittedly has some emotional issues that needs to be assessed?
Now I have read that Joann Killeen says her Killeen Furtney Group, Nadya’s original publicists, have stepped down due to death threats. This is seriously insane. This is taking a situation that is in and of itself novel, and making it into just another story of how sane people allow themselves to act in a manner that is totally insane, and totally criminal by over-reacting to certain stimuli. It’s ignorant, really, and I wish people would get a grip.
I think some compassion should be shown to Nadya. I honestly don’t believe she went to her fertility specialist at the Beverly Hills Clinic where the work was done and said, “knock me up with 8 kids.” I mean, that would show that she had, for lack of a better way of putting this, “malice aforethought,”(I’m sorry but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it!) and that this was purposeful. I don’t think it was on her part.
I think the doctor acted improperly, and on some level, I wonder if he’s the biological father and whether he was playing medical games, or what? I mean, I know that sounds off the wall, but when I woke up this morning, I said to myself, “wait a second, what if the doc is the dad?” Because this whole thing is so theatrical, and so unusual, and his judgment was so off the wall, as was hers, that I wonder if they did this for kicks, him especially; and I wondered if he provided the sperm.  I mean, in vitro fertilization is very expensive and I don’t think it is covered by most medical insurance. So if Nadya is on welfare and all the rest of it, how did she afford these services? Something doesn’t add up. Which is why I say that maybe the doctor provided the sperm. Yes, I know it’s off the wall of me to raise this question. But I get premonitions. And a lot of times, I am totally right…
But back to the topic. Whatever happened here, I can’t find it in my heart, after the fact, to persecute this woman.  I mean, look at her.
First of all, it is inappropriate to have these shots floating around, and inappropriate of me, even, to show them. But I had to because I need to in order to make my point. Clearly, this whole situation is insane. Clearly. But what is the solution? I always look for solutions rather than pointing fingers and pointing blame. The children are here, world. We don’t have to like it. They are here. I say, forgive Nadya for her serial mom tendencies (there are worse people in the world by far) show some compassion to her and the children, and crack down on doctors like the one who did this to her and forbid them to ever do this to another woman who is under the same circumstance. Cause, for me, that is really the issue. The fact that it was totally not normal what this guy did to this woman. It’s kind of like a form of domestic violence. Or abuse. Or something. It’s not right.
And what if he’s the dad???