Rihanna's father Ronald Fenty hopes she will speak out about domestic violence

Rihanna is in Barbados recuperating from the domestic incidence and the arrest of her boyfriend Chris Brown. Her father Ronald Fenty was quoted by People Magazine as saying, “. “At some point, she will speak out. I hope she will stand up for women all over the world” He is also quoted as saying that he hopes she ends her relationship with Mr. Brown.
Meanwhile Wrigleys gum continues it’s suspension of Brown who had a lucrative endorsement deal with the company.
As I have said, I also agree with Rihanna’s father that she should end her relationship with Chris Brown. I have found that when a man hits a woman and she returns to the relationship, it’s sort of like when a shark smells blood. It’s that kind of visceral, primal reaction. The violence just escalates.
But I have also said that I want to stop at wishing Brown becomes impoverished by this and for all his endorsement deals to be renegged. He needs to feel some anguish over what he has done, and unlike what his father is quoted as saying “My son¬† is remorseful” I did get a different sense when I heard he had posted a message on his facebook page to the effect to “wait, you will find out who she really is.” What was that? It didn’t sound all that remorseful to me.
If I were him, I’d get my remorseful ante up, stat, before I change my mind about the mercy and compassion he should be shown! What he did was wrong. He needs to admit that, admit he made a mistake, and get help. And then he should speak out against domestic abuse – especially in the context of teen dating, do talks in schools and colleges for other young men; it would be a way to turn a negative into a positive. What I don’t want to see is defiance. I don’t want to get the sense that he is not sorry because I will turn from him pretty quick.
I mean, I resented Good Morning America comparing him to OJ. I felt he is a young kid and he made one mistake and he should not be blackballed for it, he should show remorse, he should be punished, but not impoverished and compared to OJ. That to me is a foul ball. I don’t like that.
At the same time, if he is going to walk around and demonize the victim, demonize Rihanna, then I lose respect for him completely and I don’t care what people say about him and I don’t care if, in fact, he is impoverished. Because to my way of thinking, if he is not remorseful, then he deserves whatever is coming to him.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NOT OKAY. I don’t care who does it.
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