Bernie Madoff Listen up! The marriages of socialites Walter and Monica Noel's daughters Lisina, Alix, Corina, Marisa and Ariane could be at risk and it's all your fault!

Bernie Ponzi Madoff is getting blamed for not only putting Walter and Monica Noel’s marriage in jeopardy, but he very well may be responsible for the unravelling of the marriages of Noel’s five beautiful, whimsical and Ivy-league educated daughters Alix, Corina, Marisa, Ariane, and Lisina.
Apparently (and I am not even pretending to “understand why this matters” for you guys over at Noel provided a “feeder” fund that brought in global clients for Madoff to sponge off of, and ultimately to vitiate financially.
Page Six did an almost scathing article on the Noel’s this weekend, and it certainly sounds like people in their circles are hoping and praying that Walter Noel’s involvement with Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme could result in the smash up of the marriages of his golden daughters. 
Now. I am sure there will be some hiccups with those marriages due to the undue stress this situation is bound to bring on, but I was non-plussed by the level of what I perceive as jealousy that is directed at the Noel daughters all because they have a strong family, they are beautiful and they are rich. Why so much jealousy directed at these women? Says Page Six:

Even in the upscale town of Greenwich, the Noels stand out. With their five tall, tanned, toned and whimsically named daughters—Marisa, 31; Alix, 41; Ariane, 42; Lisina, 44; and Corina, 45—they have cultivated a Kennedy-esque aura of royalty. Through Fairfield Greenwich Group (a feeder fund set up to invest in another hedge fund), the family raked in $500 million. But with a class action lawsuit filed by investors, the family that had it all risks losing their company, their fortune worth more than $14 billion, their 42-room compound in Mustique, their mansion in Southampton and, perhaps most painfully of all, their status as the perfect American family.

It sounds like such jealousy to me. I mean, I am someone who does not have a penny to my name, so I should technically be joining this bandwagon but why should I? First of all, why are the girls being blamed for the investment misadventures of their father? They were not the ones running Fairfield Greenwich Group? They were not even working for the company. According to Page Six, they were all stay at home moms who were in their fancy homes across the globe – New York, Greenwich, Milan, London and Madrid – so why are they being drawn into this Madoff thing that their father got involved in? It sounds to me that this is jealousy. Here’s what else the Post says:

The social circuit is also abuzz about the too-good-to-be-true marriages of the daughters. Four of the five husbands were dispatched to different parts of the globe by their father-in-law to bring new investors to Walter’s firm. (Ariane’s husband Marco Sodi, is the only son-in-law who does not work for Walter, instead running a media investment firm in London.) “Those guys had their jobs because they married the daughters,” confirms a family friend. Marisa’s husband, Matt Brown, was “dating a girl for years right before he married Marisa and then he married her relatively quickly,” says the friend. “He told the other girl he couldn’t marry her because she didn’t have the pedigree he was looking for.” Blogger David Patrick Columbia says, “it was a very attractive situation for [the husbands]—marry a beautiful girl and go into Daddy’s business.”

I sense that the social set is burning up because the Noels, starting with matriarch Monica, know how to pick em. As a result, there has not been any divorces in their families. I am certain these people have challenges just like any other marriage. But so far, they have weathered the storms and hung on for dear life to their marriages. Is that a friggin crime? Just because there are other people who give their marriage vows less credence than the Noel girls, why should anybody be holding their breaths till these women’s marriages implode. I get that sense. That they are waiting with bated breath for these marriages to implode. This is jealousy. On it’s face. And it is ugly.
Look, it’s not their fault that they are “beautiful” and they had the lifestyle they had. It is not their fault that their father got involved with Bernard Ponzi.I meant Madoff. I keep saying Ponzi. I think these girls should be kept out of this. They should not be blamed for the fact that they grew up with wealthy parents. They did not choose their parents. The fact that they are hanging on to their marriages is to be commended. Marriage, I hear, is hard and anybody who can take the “for better and for worse” promise and run with it, has my respect. Seriously.
That is not to say that I don’t respect people who divorce. I am an equal opportunity respecter. Let people live. Let people be. And stop being jealous of other people.
And you know what else? You may all wait a long time to see these people lose the shirts on their backs. This is a country of laws and the laws are plenary. And as far as I remember from first year law school, in corporation law, when you set up a corporation like the Greenwich Group thingy that Walter Noel set up, it protects you from PERSONAL LIABILITY. So long as he did not commingle the business with the personal stuff, he is likely to be left with more than everyone may think. Same with Madoff, by the way. Unless the state and the Feds have a basis to “pierce the corporate veil” (Listen to Johnny Cochran over here) if the glove don’t fit, they have to acquit the personal assets of both these men.
So, for those in the socialite set that are waiting for the Noel girls to eat dirt? You may have to wait a very long time, darlings. Cause their personal assets may very well be protected by corporation law.
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