NEW JERSEY: Who will get custody of Jayson and Tanya Williams' kids Tryumph and Whizdom?


His alleged bizarre sexcapades notwithstanding, and of course the allegations of criminal threats against his wife, which parent is the court likely to award custody of the kids of Jayson and Tanya Williams to? The wife who is an attorney who is prone to spill all the smut of her marriage in the media? Or the husband who is accused of urinating in the kitchen sink, threatened to kill his wife and who stood trial for the murder of his limo driver? Not that his past bad acts would necessarily preclude him from winning custody of his kids.
But you have to wonder whether it would be in the “best interest” of the children to be raised by a father who seems to have some depraved tendencies, or by their mom who is not afraid to disclose her marital intimacies to the universe?
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