ANTIGUA: Robert Allen Stanford engaged to one woman, separated from another? Fraud

Oh. My. Gawd. These billionaires are killing me. They are really, really killing me. First Bernie, now this. I have to say, Robert Allen Stanford sure knows how to pick a sexy locale for his fraud and crimes! Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring! Antigua is definitely a gorgeous country to lay back and devise far out schemes. I mean, look at this place. I love this place!
Ok. How can I connect this new Ponzi King with divorce? Even for me, it will be a stretch, but here goes… Is it fraud in the factum to be married to one woman and engaged to another? I mean, even in the sleepy Caribbean Island nation of Antigua, that’s borderline bigamy, isn’t it? And it’s not allowed. So how can R. Allen Stanford do it? He is alleged to still be married yet engaged to another woman. If true, what gives?  I mean, I know he pretty much gets away with EVERYTHING in Antigua because he basically owns the whole damn island, including the government, I hear. I don’t know. I just heard this. Rumors. Rumors. But still. Outrageous.
Mr. Stanford’s the ultimate colonialist, I’m not even kidding, and the tragedy is, most people on island don’t realize they’ve been re-colonized by this Texan money man. Or if they do, they certainly are pretending not to know, you know? Cause he pays the bills. He created jobs for a lot of people. That’s nothing to sneeze at.
But, so, I am told that Mr. Stanford has become the SEC’s newest whipping boy. It is not because he owns about 75% of the island and it’s not because he is still married to his wife Susan Stanford who resides in Texas, even though he is engaged to his ALLEGED romp mistress, Andrea Stoelker, who also is (was?) a spokeswoman for his firm/conglomerate.
It’s because of a Madoffesque ponzie scheme! There goes the entire economy of Antigua, with him behind bars. Mr. Stanford, who commutes to his luxury yacht in Antigua (he lives on his yacht, folks!) from his 160 acre spread in the Virgin Islands, is in deep, deep cuckue with the American government on account of some exotic returns that he has been routinely paying investors in his funds which he doles out from his banks, which, evidently, are headquartered in the sunny paradise called Antigua. He’s being accused of off-shore banking ponzication. You heard it here first, baby. PONZICATION.
The Billionaire titan is American, born and bred in Texas but lives on his yacht in Antigua as I said. He mixes well with the locals, and even acquired Antiguan citizenship. So he is dual. American/Antiguan. Very cute.
Ok. Well. I’ve seen the yacht personally. Very impressive. But what does it matter? He’s being charged with fraud. Who knows how this story will end? Probably not all that well for his fiancee, what’s her face — Andrea Stoelker. I can tell you that. If they are still and item, she won’t get anything out of this deal except heart ache, misery and pain. And, btw, it will not be good for the thousands of people he employs on the island nation either.
If the wife is smart, she will…oh. wait. Too late for what I was going to say. Scratch it…the feds have already frozen up everything…Stanford probably is innocent of the charges. I hope he’s innocent. He’s a cutie; a very tanned and good looking man. Very down to earth. 
I should point out that he’s been charged with tax fraud before, though. Both him and his wife Susan were charged with under-reporting their taxes by nearly half a million dollars. And he’s been known to stretch the truth too. Apparently he was knighted by the government of Antigua (where, by the way, he’s built a gorgeous airport facility to replace the mish mash that used to pass as an airport years back) and, according to Mail Online, he allegedly claimed on his website that he was knighted by Prince Edward who happened to be on island (as opposed to “off island”) at the time of the knighting. This didn’t sit well with the Queen, btw. She didn’t take to kindly to him implying to folks that she had anything to do with his “knighting.”
Whatever, whatever. But yes. The separation vs. the engagement. Is that fraud? Is it fraud in the factum? I think it is fraud in the factum. How’s that for a connection between seemingly unrelated issues? God, I’m a freakin genius. I almost can’t stand it. LOL…oh. wait. This is serious. I’m not a genius. I’m a dumb a–. That’s exactly what I am. A dumb a–for thinking I’m a genius in the first place when I don’t even “understand why this matters.” You hear me You got that? I. don’t. even. understand. why. this. matters. So, forgive me in advance. Cause I am sorry!