Monica Lewinsky was good for the Clinton marriage; why adultery may be good for Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault

Sexy jetsetters French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault and Mexican-Lebanese American actress Salma Hayek just tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in Paris. But already I am thinking about adultery. Shame on me.
It’s just that Salma and Henri were engaged for some time and then broke up and only recently got back together to everyone’s surprise. While they were on the outs, Francois-Henri, without batting an eyelash, replaced Salma with a woman by the name of Virginie Couperie.
But I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing that couples play the field sometimes. I mean, it is not for me and if I were married to someone that just is not something I would put up with if he did that, but it seems to have it’s benefits. I mean, it doesn’t always lead to divorce. Look, for example, at the Clintons. And even the Spitzers. I would bet that the adultery strengthened those marriages rather than weakened these unions.
Some couples rise to the challenge. It is a territorial thing; it’s playing mind games; it is making the other partner jealous; it is stretching the limits of the relationship to see just how strong and durable it really is.
It is not a technique that everyone should employ. But I am convinced that some couples thrive on this sort of thing. They are fully aware that the partner is straying and they look the other way. Sometimes, they even encourage the cheating and the third party does not have a clue that they are getting snared in the games that married people play. Sometimes, the couple just has an agreement, or tacit understanding. And it works for the marriage. It keeps things interesting and edgy.
I mean, where is Monica Lewinsky today? Lost in oblivion. And Hillary Clinton, with the assistance and devotion of her husband, is Secretary of State of the United States of America. Monica was but a small, insignificant blip in that marriage – and that is the way it is for many marriages. They have a series of “small blips” that do nothing but draw the couple closer.
Oh, the opposite happens a lot too. The affair is the beginning of the end of the marriage. But I suspect for a billionaire playboy like Francois Henri Pinault seen here with the “equestrian”¬† Virginie ¬†literally days after breaking up with Salma, this type of game playing may bring them closer. I mean, it worked like a charm with Salma, didn’t it? Forthwith she packed up baby Valentina Paloma Pinault and jetted to Paris and claimed her man from the arms of his paramour who didn’t know what hit her. And the rest is history. Now Salma is Mrs. Salma Hayek Pinault. And it’s kind of like Virginie who?
For Salma’s sake, though, I really hope that if he does find new and more exciting “Virginies” that he manages to “play” privately. I don’t think Salma needs the humiliation, even if she is prepared to look the other way. Know what I mean?