Should Tanya Williams' claims of cruelty sway the judge as far as custody of the couple's kids?

First of all, Tanya Williams should probably read our post “How to divorce a sports star” here:
But, so, the allegations Tanya raised in her divorce petition were a bit disturbing to say the least, and if true, I question whether any court of competent jurisdiction can seriously entertain the idea of giving custody to Jayson Williams. Again, I said, “if true.” He has not spoken yet or offered a rebuttal to these papers. So I am withholding final judgment, but I must say, I am already feeling queasy to nauseous.
Case in point, Tanya accuses her husband of urinating in the kitchen sink. Now, I can almost understand him doing something that gross if he lived in a one-bedroom apartment in East Bubble, Whatever. And someone else was using the bathroom, and he had a real emergency… but this guy lives in a mansion in New Jersey with tons of bathrooms.
So, as a wife, as a mother, when your husband, for whatever reason, whips out his phallus, dangles it over the kitchen sink where you prepare meals for your children, and empties his bladder in the sink in your presence (and possibly that of the kids?) this is seriously depraved. It gives new meaning to the phrase “throw everything in the kitchen sink” I tell ya. And I can’t see how that won’t factor into the decision about custody, quite frankly. This goes to his ability to raise kids with morals and values and judgment. He exhibits a depraved indifference to the emotional and psychological wellbeing of his family. If true.
Just as an aside, can you imagine if you were a dinner guest at the Williams’ home after he did that little stunt in the sink, and you ate food prepared or washed in that sink not knowing what this individual had done in it? Ew. Disgusting!
I think Ms. Williams has a very strong case for cruelty here, because this is definitely speech. When a husband does an act like this, he’s telling his wife something with his actions. I can’t really interpret the speech, but I imagine it goes to his total lack of respect for her and the relationship. I mean, he just doesn’t care. And, especially when coupled with the fact that she said that he threatened to kill her, and assaulted her on occasion, and bragged about adulterous trysts –the specifics of which are strictly prohibited by the Catholic Church which, I understand, is his religion of choice?
Seems to me that if what Tanya Williams said is true, she should easily get her divorce on the basis of cruelty. And maybe even an ecclesiastical annulment from the Church. And also sole custody of those kids. Cause this guy needs help. He really really needs serious professional help. If what his wife alleges is true.