LAS VEGAS: Steve Wynn divorce update – Andrea Hissom continues alleged adulterous liaison with Vegas billionaire

Steve Wynn, aka, Mr. Wynn Las Vegas, has left his wife Elaine and is gallivanting around town with Andrea Hissom, an English gal with two teenage sons from a prior marriage, according to rumors. The forty-something divorcee is said to be behind the Wynn split – although, technically, the Wynns have not divorced. I think they just have a tacit understanding that Steve is going to “answer” his attraction to Ms. Hissom but that his relationship with his wife of 40 something years, Elaine, will remain unscathed. I’m just saying, you know?
Here’s more about Ms. Hissom as found on the blog Bitten and Bound:

Hissom is the daughter of international hustler Victor Danenza, who fled to France in 1976 during a federal investigation for securities fraud.  Ironically, among Danenza’s various activities, he was known to introduce young, beautiful women to wealthy men.
Andrea was formerly married to Robert Davis Hissom, a financial analyst for Aspen Capital Partners Ltd. of Europe.

I think he’s playing Andrea. Andrea probably has no idea she is being played by these two people, that she is just a pawn in their little game. She really thinks that Wynn gives two cents about her.  She doesn’t understand the games that these billionaires play, and the kinds of open relationships they often enjoy with their spouses. I think she is going to be very hurt by these two. But she looks tough. She looks like she can handle what’s coming to her.
more on the Wynns here: