Trump Entertainment files bankruptcy but at least his marriage to Melania is rock solid!

Billionaire real estate titan Donald Trump’s casinos are in trouble and it seems that the mogul has been forced to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy to avoid being forced into bankruptcy by his creditors. He is also apparently having some trouble in his real estate business, including one of his biggest projects in Chicago. His billionaire frenemies must be gloating!
Well, at least, his marriage to Melania is in tact, unlike his nemesis Steve Wynn whose marriage to Elaine Wynn is on the rocks, and who could soon be filing for divorce. As we reported earlier, Steve is dating a forty-something British mother of teenagers. You can read up on those posts here:
And Wynn is not the only one. Trump’s business partner Elie Hirschfeld is also having trouble and has been sued by his wife who is pretty much accusing the real estate guru of being a “dead beat dad.” It’s pretty incredible. Read our Hirschfeld posts here:
Plus, another friend of Donald’s Kirk Kirkorian had his own troubles with his ex wife Lisa Bonder Kerkorian over child support for Lisa’s daughter who she claimed was Kirk’s but who turned out not to be Kirk’s.¬†(Kirk, I think, was adjudged the “equitable father” of the child and now pays support for the child.)¬†
But whatever. Say what you want about Trump’s financial challenges, at least he’s happily married and he raised well adjusted kids. You can accuse the Donald of a lot of things, but I don’t think “dead beat dad” is one of them.