Your husband's asked for a divorce, but you still want him? How to shag him back to his senses and renew your wedding vows instead

Wanna save your marriage even though hubby’s asked for a divorce? Shag him to his senses!
Okay. I’ve got to fess up to something: I have no idea how you are going to accomplish this. Usually, when a man comes home and says it’s over, he pretty much means it. Now, you can pull out your best, you know, little negligees and all the moves that you picked up from god knows where, but let me tell you something: usually, if he says he wants out, he wants out. And shagging ain’t got nothing to do with it. Not that he will necessarily turn you down. But in the aftermath, it isn’t really going to make a difference. He’s probably going to leave anyway.
But you know what? It’s worth a shot. I mean go for it. Win him back. Fight for your man, girl! You just pull out all the stops and I mean, good luck to you. Let me know if he succumbs, relinquishes, and forfeits.
But if he still says he wants a divorce after you give it your best shot, well, at least you’ll have a really nice memory to share with your girlfriends….Oh, but wait. You know what? I just realized. It could work! What if you get preggers? Oh, girl! Timing is everything. Fix him real good, at the right time, and save your marriage, girl.
Have you read The Nanny Diaries? Read the Nanny Diaries. Then go shag him!…say, how many kids y’all got right now? Not as many as Brangelina, right? Cause you don’t wanna push him over the edge. You know what I’m saying?…god, I wonder if this is unethical for me to tell you to do? Look, this is not legal advice, okay? This is strictly girlfriend advice. Just trying to help you hang on to your marriage, and there is nothing unethical about having kids with your own husband, is there? That’s what marriage is for! Procreation!!!
So do it. Shag him. Make sure it’s 14 days before Aunt Flo on the dot. Got it? Shhh…..we never had this conversation.