Did anti-depressants ruin your marriage?

Apparently, anti-depressants do more than get you out of the doldrums. They also destroy your interest in shagging, making you essentially immune and even alergic to your husband’s touch. In other words, you literally become numb and want nothing to do with that past time that involves you having to be less than fully clothed.
I was just reading on Huffington Post that  “a handful of recent medical and psychological journal articles document a [] number of cases in which [libido] problems remain even after a patient goes off the drugs.”
Of course, we have already established that the three things a man needs to keep him happy are a wife who loves to shag and shags him often, food, and a good mother for his kids. So, presumably, if you’re taking stuff to make you feel happy but it is also making you not want to shag, you essentially could be destroying (or already have destroyed) your marriage.
For some, it really comes down to choice. What is more important feeling happy? Or keeping your husband happy?