Is Sir Robert Allen Stanford and wife Susan divorced???

Texan billionaire, and cricket mogul Robert Allen Stanford has been arrested. He’s been  charged with an $8 billion dollar fraud by the SEC. I guess you’ve already heard. You’ve also heard about the underpayment of taxes one year with his wife Susan, the issues with the health clubs in Waco, the “knighthood”, the yacht and jetsetting lifestyle in the Caribbean and Europe; and the off-shore bank in Antigua where most of his financial malfeasance is alleged to have taken place.
But what I am interested in, and what I am after, is his marital status. I’ve read a ton of different blogs and some people list him as “separated” and some people list him as “divorced” and some people say he’s engaged to a woman by the name of Andrea Stoelker. Read this post here
But what is the truth, exactly? Is he actually divorced from Susan? Or just having an adulterous liaison with Andrea? And is he and Andrea even still together at this point? I mean, I found this November 2008 article from the Timesonline:

His grandstanding has increased suspicions that England have become unwitting accomplices to the ego trip of an eccentric billionaire. Last week Stanford, who is separated from his wife and has six children, denied rumours that he had sacked his girlfriend, Andrea Stoelker, president of the tournament’s board of directors, after she had a liaison with Chris Gayle, the captain of the Stanford Superstars: “These rumours are complete horse manure. We’ve been together seven years and we’re happier than ever.”

But I still can’t figure out what these blogs are saying. On the one hand, it’s as if people are using the word “separation” to mean “divorce” which is incorrect, obviously. A separation is not a divorce. A couple can legally separate and remain separated indefinitely – probably up to six years before the agreement is void. (Actually I need to confirm that. I think I’m right but don’t quote me on this one just yet)….I AM WRONG. Indefinitely. A separation agreement continues indefinitely. That can mean for the rest of your lives. I’m thinking of something else with a six year time limit. Don’t know what though….Sorry…
Okay. So, a couple can also just separate – meaning they live apart without a legal agreement – but without a written agreement that complies with the legal requirements for a valid agreement, see this post, you won’t be able to enforce anything you agreed to. But neither one of these scenarios is a “divorce”
A divorce must be accompanied by a “Judgment of divorce” from a court of competent jurisdiction. You need paperwork to be “divorced.” Paperwork that is stamped and sealed. Does R. Allen Stanford and his wife have that? If not, I’m not understanding the rumors about him being engaged to Andrea Stoelker. Not that that is ipso facto illegal or anything, even though I implied that yesterday. I was being silly yesterday. Forgive me. I mean, you can be engaged before you are divorced. But it just slightly seems “improper” if you know what I mean.
I wonder if Andrea Stoelker, like Ruth Madoff and Michelle Schrenker will find herself being probed by the SEC and the feds? She was the spokeswoman for the company and I am sure once the investigation gets underway, her name is going to start to come up a lot.