La wife, deux lovers, le divorce

What part of this do you not understand? Men can’t handle the thought of their woman with another man.  It is more than a question of jealousy. Men don’t really get jealous. Women get jealous. A man? He kills. He maims. He goes ballistic. It doesn’t matter what his socio-economic status, his race or other circumstance. It is universal. Men don’t handle a cheating woman all that fantastically.
Now, a cheating girlfriend is tough enough on the male ego. But a cheating wife? That is a whole other can of pickled worms. Not that I am suggesting that all men will seek a divorce from a woman who is caught cheating. But I think at least 95% will. It is a form of disrespect that they just can’t rebound from. They just can’t handle the truth!
So, the point of this post is to say, if you are the wife, and you have a lover in addition to the one with whom you have a marriage contract? You are all but divorced once he finds out. If you’re lucky, you will live to talk about it. If you’re not so lucky, well, let’s not talk about that.
Girls, don’t cheat on your husbands. If he is not fullfilling your needs, tell him so and get out of the marriage. Besides, I was reading on the other day and this one woman was having an affair, and one of her critics wrote: “how can you @#$% with two guys at a time. That’s gross! Ew!”
And I found myself thinking, “yea, that is!”
And it’s such a double standard. Men do it all the time. But it’s really asking for trouble. I mean, if it’s Prince Harry, or somebody like that, I will make an exception. Other than that, no. Inappropriate and the quickest way to have a “messy” divorce in New York. BTW: Gwyneth Paltrow is coming out with a movie in February called, “Two Lovers.” I have no idea what it is about, except that it sounds like it will involve somebody multi-shagging. Which is always interesting on the big screen. But so deadly in real life. Huh?