Andrea Stoelker and Sir Robert Allen Stanford having an adulterous liaison? And where is the $8 Billion Stanford hiding?

Une liaison dangereuse avec le billionaire? Oui, Andrea?
Robert Allen Stanford has disappeared. Nobody knows where he is and the SEC is having trouble serving him with the  divorce papers to appear in Federal Court to answer the fraud charges. People are lining up all over the Caribbean, South and Central America, Texas and Europe to find out what has happened to their investments with the tanned cricket guru.
The only person who has not come forward yet is Andrea Stoelker, the woman alleged to be his fiancee, poor thing.  As I said in previous posts, there is no indication that he is actually divorced from his wife Susan, they’ve only just been separated for over 10 years and I established yesterday that a separation can go on indefinitely. They don’t ever have to get divorced, if they have not already divorced.  So, where does Andrea really stand in this liaison? Well, it depends. First of all, where are she and Sir Stanford hiding? Is he with her or with Susan in Texas? Second of all, is he divorced from Susan or just separated from Susan? Cause I am sure that Andrea would never knowingly date a man who is still technically married to another woman. She seems much to goodytwoshoes for that, and too much of a self-preservationist. Third of all, did he put any assets in Andrea’s name?
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