Andrea Stoelker stands by her married boyfriend Robert Allen Stanford

Divorce News: Fredericksburg Virginia
Sir Robert Allen Stanford, as we reported earlier this morning, was found in Virginia yesterday and served with papers in this SEC fraud action. Guess where they apprehended him? At the home of Andrea Stoelker, his reported fiancee! See this Reuters article:
So, I guess that confirms it. Yesterday I got confirmation that Susan Stanford is still married to Allen Stanford, and they are in the process of divorce. Today I got confirmation that Andrea Stoelker and Stanford are still an item. But more importantly, she is standing by him and giving him refuge in this difficult time because it was at her modest family home in Virginia that he was found.
I have always believed that you can tell a lot about the state of your marriage or relationship only when the chips are down. You know when someone loves you and when they don’t when you are going through hard times. Who stands by you? Who disappears?
For Andrea and Allen Stanford, it must be love. I think if he licks these charges, as soon as the divorce from Susan is final, he is going to marry this woman. She’s a keeper. See our related Stanford posts here: