Celeb Splits: Rihanna Photo highlights the bruises and scratches and swellings from Chris' attack: Domestic violence in pictures

TMZ came out with a photo which they claim is a pic of Rihanna after she was assaulted by Chris Brown. 
The photo really puts a face on domestic violence and how ugly it can be.
We take domestic violence very seriously and the Rihanna Chris Brown story really resonated with us, particularly because they were so young (Chris is still a teenager only 19), famous, and seemed so perfectly suited to each other and happy. We even featured them in our “In Love” page which you can access by clicking on “In Love” above.
Just the other day, I did a post called, “When the perfect gentleman is an abuser.” I was inspired to write it because of the other domestic violence case coming out of Buffalo New York where that husband beheaded his wife. That was obviously a whole different scenario than Chris and Rihanna’s story. But I think it comes out of the same sickness that makes some men feel that they have ultimate power over their partners by virtue of their superior physical strength.
It seems that dating violence if very common in teen dating, which is another issue and problem added to the general domestic violence problem that proliferates in this country and around the world.
I have said that one of the ways women are going to have to protect themselves against this type of menacing, is prevention. I think prevention has to be a part of any community-based action plan. Women have to be taught to spot more abusers before they get too deeply and heavily involved.
I am not sitting here saying I know the answer to how to spot a domestic abuser. Because I don’t. But I have said in a previous post that while I have been fortunate that I never had to personally deal with this issue, I have had a close call with someone I was dating years back who I suspected could have become a physical abuser. The way I dealt with that was¬† I ended the relationship before I found out for sure.
I think there are signs that a man gives off that could tip off a discerning woman. I don’t think ALL abusers announce that they are abusers. But I think that a woman who is more observant might save herself from peril than one who jumps in with both feet too quickly, and who is willing to make excuses for inappropriate behavior from a mate early on in a relationship before the stakes are too high, and when she stands a better chance of getting out unscathed.
And I should also point out that “battered women’s syndrome” also pertains to psychologically and emotionally abused women. Often times a person who physically abuses his mate starts by verbally, emotionally and psychologically abusing her.
We hope that this celeb split is permanent. We see no good coming out of a reconciliation between these two. Rihanna, please divorce this man. Otherwise you will live to regret going back.
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