Sir R. Allen Stanford's ex girlfriend Louise Sage Stanford withdrew her paternity suit against the billionaire has a great article about cricket billionaire Sir Allen Stanford and his recent past. In 2007 his wife Susan filed her divorce action which is still pending. He was ordered to pay her $100,000 per month in maintenance/alimony, among other things. See these posts
Well, a new name is emerging. Louise Sage Stanford. I haven’t yet been able to locate any Louise Sage Stanford pics, but Louise is apparenlty the billionaire knight’s ex girlfriend and she bore him two children whom he has supported quite lavishly according to the Bloomberg article. (Louise, by the way, never married the Texan billionaire but she took it upon herself to change her last name to Stanford for some unknown reason.) Yet, she sued him for paternity and child support? Makes no sense. Why would you sue someone for paternity and child support if he didn’t deny paternity and was supporting the children?
Says Bloomberg:

The 58-year-old Stanford, who had an estimated net worth of at least $2 billion according to a March 2008 filing in a paternity case in Florida, faces claims by regulators that he defrauded investors while selling $8 billion in certificates of deposit issued by a bank in Antigua. A federal judge has agreed to freeze assets of Stanford and his companies and appoint a receiver to account for investor money.
Some of those assets, including private jets and a 120-foot yacht, were listed in filings in a paternity case filed by Louise Sage Stanford, the mother of two of the billionaire’s children. The FBI said yesterday that agents found Stanford in Virginia and served him with court papers related to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit. He was discovered with his girlfriend, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Stanford “owns a fleet of aircraft worth approximately $100 million,” said lawyers for Louise Stanford in a March 2008 filing seeking child support. While she adopted his name, the pair never married, and Stanford never contested that he was the father of the woman’s two children, according to court records.
“Needless to say, the children do not fly commercially for their travel,” the lawyers said in the filing in state court in Miami.

The most interesting portion of the Bloomberg piece, for me, is the listing of assets it alleges the billionaire owns. First of all, he allegedly used to live in a Florida castle with his ex paramour Louise. (The castle has since been razed.) He owns multiple aircrafts. He pays for private school and private chauffeur and private air travel for the out of wedlock children he has with Louise, among other things.
That being the case, the paternity suit she brought last March almost doesn’t make sense. Usually you would sue a man for paternity if he is denying paternity. But if the man has been supporting the children, and in such a lavish fashion, the paternity suit does not make sense. The parties apparently settled the suit out of court.
Stanford has about 3-4 kids with his wife Susan Stanford. It does not appear that he has any kids with his current squeeze Andrea Stoelker, soon to be Andrea Stoelker Stanford.
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