To Sir Robert Allen Stanford, with Love: What his wife Susan wants to go away, and his fiancee Andrea wants to stay

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Texas billionaire and jet-setter Sir Allen Stanford has been found in Virginia after going AWOL for two days. This following the news that the SEC has reason to suspect he is  guilty of “massive fraud” to the tune of $9.2 billion dollars –admittedly a pittance when compared to, say, Bernie Ponzi Madoff’s $50 billion heist.
The interesting thing is, the Antiguan/Texas national, Mr. Stanford, was not arrested like I wrongly reported two days back. (My apologies to him.) That might be because so far, he has only been charged with a civil fraud and not a criminal wrongdoing. The FBI was careful to say that he is not and was not a “fugitive.”
That means the golden haired rogue is still free to travel. He still has his passport and all of that, so he is in a much, much better situation than Ruth and Bernie. However, he does have a summons to appear in court to answer these charges of fraud that have been leveled against his company. (I really hope these charges can be proven. I hope this is not a witch hunt which has at it’s root overzealous lawyering, piggybacking and other such tactics of over-reaction due to the Bernard Madoff Affair. Because it would be grossly unfair to this human being if so.)
This fraud is said to have spread from Peru, Ecuador, United States, UK, Antigua, Venezuala, Mexico and even Russia. It is going to take a lot of explaining for the philanthropist and cricket titan to explain himself out of a stint in federal prison if criminal charges are actually brought.
But. In any event. Who wants to try to analyze these big boy issues? Not me for sure. I will leave that to the boys over at They are a piece of work, my god. When I think that these “anonymous” writers on dealbreaker are other people’s husbands and boyfriends, I get scared. Cause they are really raunchy and intolerant of women coming into their online gymnasium, I tell ya. If you can’t think of witty, filthy, quick, down and dirty responses off the cuff, don’t make any comments on that website cause they will destroy you and you will be in tears! It literally takes me 3 days to think of a comeback to one insult on that website, once I even decipher what the insult even means and then it’s like, do you really need that to become a part of your vernacular? You know?  So, please, if you are a faint hearted woman who can’t play rough, don’t go on there.
But. So. Anyhoo… About Stanford and his businesses, marriages, divorces, wives and fiancees –the important stuff. That is what I want to talk about, me and my little pea brain self.  LOL. Um, so, it turns out that Sir Allen Stanford is MARRIED. To Susan Stanford. And so his alleged engagement to Andrea Stoelker was not going to end in marriage till his marriage to Susan was either annulled or adjudicated divorced. I wonder if Andrea was made aware of this while she was being loved up by this man? Allegedly? I found this website today called and I uploaded the following from it regarding the STANFORD DIVORCE:

It is not just the USA federal agents who would like to know the whereabouts of Allen Stanford right now. His estranged wife, Susan, is also wondering what has happened to him, after the date of their divorce hearing, scheduled for 9am local time today, had to be postponed,
An attorney for Mrs Stanford told ABC News that the rescheduling had nothing to do with the recent revelations, but nevertheless, the timing is sure to raise one or two eyebrows. And, in the light of her husband’s financial meltdown, she might wonder what will be left for her after the settlement is finally agreed.
Among the conditions of the divorce, according to the temporary orders filed on May 29, 2008, Robert (sic) Stanford must pay Susan Stanford $100,000 a month in spousal support. In addition, he will provide expenses and coverage for a 2004 model Mercedes G55, a 2008 Mercedes S63, and a 1998 Porsche Boxter.
The expenses for Susan’s residence in Holly Springs are also meant to be covered, plus the costs of her condo in Kirby, Huntington, which is currently in the temporary possession of their daughter, Randi. She is also to be given access and use of her husband’s corporate jets, yacht, the Friar Hills estate in Antigua, and all Stanford company tickets, including the Stanford suite at Toyota Center. Never mind the SEC investigation, with those sorts of demands, it’s little wonder that Stanford has gone into hiding.

First of all, have you ever been to Friar’s Hill in Antigua? It’s okay but it is not the most beautiful place on the island. It is not Falmouth Harbor, for example. I am surprised his house was not in Falmouth Harbour, or even Mill Reef. That is the most exclusive and expensive area on the island, Mill Reef. And the views are spectacular. So I would have expected Stanford to own a huge chunk of Mill Reef since he’s pretty much bought out a huge chunk of the island. But I guess not. All he got was measly Friar’s Hill.
Okay. But Texas is a community property state and Susan gets a piece of anything Stanford owns or has acquired during the marriage — and it doesn’t matter if it is in Texas, Antigua, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico or where it is. In a community property state, I think a spouse makes out better than an “equitable distribution” state. By that I mean that what they get as a settlement (assuming no prenup) is going to be closer to 50% than New York which is an equitable distribution state. And get this, the lines between “separate property” and “marital property” are not all that clear in Texas. It’s almost as if everything is on the table down there. So Susan is definitely going to make out like a bandit.
Did the Feds freeze the assets like they did for Bernie Madoff and Marcus Schrenker and Marc Dreier? I believe I read on Reuters that the SEC was seeking to appoint a receiver and to freeze assets here in the U.S. I know other countries, like Hugo Chavez’s Caracas where Stanford has an outfit, Stanford Bank Venezuela has been seized.
So what Susan will actually end up with is anybody’s guess. I should point out, though, that generally speaking corporations such as Stanfords are protected by corporate laws in the state in which they are incorporated. And usually personal assets are not a part of any corporate probe. So Susan might be able to get her loot from her husband’s personal stash, but anything having to do with the company would be off the table until the investigation and/or trial are completed.
Enough about Susan. I could go on all night on this and I have to talk about Andrea. Where is she in all this? Well, if in fact the rumors that they are engaged are true, she might be better off than Susan in a sense. She gets to keep all those gifts he bought her, I would think. It is going to be more difficult to find those gifts than it would be to determine the marital assets of the Stanfords. Andrea may have already started to reduce any gifts she received from her alleged paramour (assuming he was a generous paramour and if he wasn’t then what would be the point of him anyways?)  to cash and stash the cash all over the globe in off-shore accounts. I mean, it’s unlikely at this point that she is going to get a marriage out of this. So she’s probably going to start liquidating, and redistributing, off-shore–which makes perfect sense. Doesn’t it?
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