Divorce aid: Will Obama's stimulus package aid divorcing couples?

DIVORCE AID on it’s way?
Economic stimulus bill, economic stimulus plan, stimulus package…that’s all I’ve been hearing in the news lately. Stimulus. Stimulus. Stimulus. Everybody is looking for their piece – banks, states, tax payers, students, small businesses and especially people in the Upper Middle Class tax brackets. But what about people who are getting divorced? Will they benefit? Because right now it seems they can’t afford to get divorced. No, I’m serious. People can’t afford to divorce bad marriages.
Will the stimulus package aid divorcing couples?
My colleagues and I who are members of the family bar have been talking about the fact that the recession has seriously curtailed divorce filings in New York – and probably around the country. It is similar to the way things were during the Great Depression in the 1930’s. One of the pluses of the Depression was that it kept people together in marriages that they promptly ended when the hardships eased and the Second World War ensued. Then into the Fifties and especially the¬†Sixties, the divorce rates literally exploded as more and more people became less willing to sacrifice their entire lives for their marriages if they were not “happy.” Of course, we still are not so sure that divorce will make some people happy. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/will-divorce-make-you-happy
The Great Recession of 2008 has had a similar impact on divorce filings, in my opinion. But I wonder whether the stimulus package will change anything for certain people? Like those getting divorced? Maybe. I mean, for one thing, there are supposed to be all these tax breaks for homeowners. So, presumably, if a couple bought a house but got divorced by December 1, 2009, they will get a break on their taxes, about $8,000 they can split, even though they are no longer together. Right? I’m interpreting that correctly right? With the tax credit for homeowners? Is it only for home buyers?
How else might the stimulus package be good for divorcing couples? Well, if consumers are persuaded that this bill is a good idea, it could spur spending again. And spending is what is needed to jump start the economy. Once the economy is jump started, Wall Street will rally, and then the good times will be rolling again and people can get divorced.
Is that cynical? Maybe slightly. But look. I write a divorce blog. I try to cover all topics pertaining to divorce. It doesn’t mean it is my view or what I believe in or what I would personally do. I just try to cover divorce topics, divorce news, and provide divorce information using current events. And it seems to me, that objectively speaking (without advocating that anybody runs out and ends their marriage) that the stimulus package might stimulate an increase in the numbers of divorce filings, which have dropped off precipitously, since the world went into an economic tailspin.
Of course, if the stimulus package doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, the only divorce lawyerin New York who will have work is probably going to be Raoul Felder. I hear his business is recession proof.
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