Clinton cat "Socks" dies and "How to get custody of your pet" in a divorce action

I just wanted to extend condolences to the Clintons due to the death of Socks, the cat they adopted for 8 years while living in the White House. I was surprised to learn, though, that they did not keep custody of  Socks after they left. They gave him to Bill Clinton’s secretary, Betty Currie. How do people give up their pets like that? It’s kind of like giving up your child! They seemed so close to and enamored with him while they were at 1600 Pennsylvania. I am really surprised they gave him up. But at least they gave him to a good adoptive mom in Currie. She says she is “heartbroken” over Socks’ death. I can totally understand being a cat lover myself.
Well, it happens. People do give up custody of their pets. It happens even in divorces. It happens even with kids (people give up custody of their kids.) Sometimes, like I’ve discussed here: some moms don’t want custody of the kids after a divorce. There are many different reasons why that might be, just as I am sure there are many good reasons why somebody, even the Clintons, would give up custody of such a beautiful cat as Socks.
I did another post called “How to get custody of the dog” which you can find here, if you are going through a divorce and are wondering what will be the fate of your beloved pet. You can read the post here:
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