SAN FRANCISCO: Should Wife Swap's Renee Stevens divorce real life husband Stephen Fowler?

SAN FRANCISCO: Stephen Fowler is getting a lot of bad play on YOUTUBE and Facebook following his performance on a TV show, “Wife Swap” in which in called a Missouri woman, Gayla Long,  “stupid” and “simple.” This according to It kind of makes you wonder whether he verbally abuses his own wife Renee Stephens like that? Verbal abuse is recognized as part of the “battered women’s syndrome” which we touched on briefly here: and would be a basis for a divorce in New York on the grounds of cruelty.
Wife Swap, which I’ve never seen, is a TV show that purportedly swaps wives for two weeks, putting them with somebody else’s husband just to get into the shoes of another woman’s life. The premise of this show is in and of itself a bit ludicrous. But people seem to enjoy it, as it has been on the air for several seasons now. I mean if something like that could find an audience, I ought to think about making Divorce Saloon a TV show! Well, maybe a cable show. Think I could find an audience?
But, so, Mr. Fowler, who is British is married to Renee Stephens who apparently has blogged that he “needs help” on her personal blog. But she seems to be as “elitist” as he is in many ways. She was off living with another “husband” at the time her hubby made the infamous insults. According to

At the end of the visit, he said, “God, that woman is the most stupid woman I’ve ever met in my life.”
Friends quoted anonymously in the San Francisco Chronicle said Fowler told them he was instructed to ham it up by “Wife Swap’s” producers. His performance evoked a stereotype of the San Francisco elitist liberal the tree-hugging do-gooder who acts morally superior while putting down other people.
The Fowlers, who live in a large Victorian house in Noe Valley, work from home, but a neighbor said he had not seen them in a few days.
The backlash against Fowler appears to have hit his wife as well. On Friday, her blog, on, was defaced by a strip of bacon an apparent reference to her boast on “Wife Swap” that her family only eats the finest organic, healthy food money can buy.

So, I guess even though she recognizes that her husband needs help, the Fowler/Stephens marriage is a marriage of equals and no divorce is imminent just yet for Renee Stephens. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes fairly soon.
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