The charming Sir Robert Allen Stanford and the women who loved him: Susan Stanford, Louise Sage Stanford, Andrea Stoelker-Stanford

Sir R. Allen Stanford is a cricket, golf, tennis and sailing enthusiast, and just the latest in a long string of billionaires who has gotten busted for financial fraud. It sort of leaves you wondering if there is anybody out there who earned their money the honest way, or whether all of it has been one big, massive scam. But behind all of these zillionaires are always a bevy of beauties, including wives, mistresses, daughters, mothers and baby mamas. Allen Stanford is no different. He’s got three women who are already receiving major scrutiny from the international press as everyone scrambles to figure out what every body’s role is in the Stanford story.
Let’s look at the women really briefly:
The Wife
Allen Stanford seems to have been married only once. Her name is Susan Stanford and they married in 1975. She filed for divorce in 2007 and the action is still pending in Texas Supreme Court. They were recent high school grads at the time of their marriage, so Susan is likely in her fifties. (Allen Stanford is 58). She bore him at least one daughter. She lives in Texas and recently asked the court to grant her $100k per week in alimony, and access to his real estate in Friar’s Hill, Antigua; exclusive use of the home she lives in in Texas, and a condominium in which their daughter Randi lives.
The ex paramour
Louise Sage Stanford. This woman reminds me of a client I once had who changed her last name to that of her ex even though they never married. I never understood why someone would do that. It seems like a form of speech. They are definitely saying something by that one move. I am not sure that it is healthy — but it’s not my place to judge.
In any event, Louise Sage Stanford bore two of Allen’s six kids. She hit him with a paternity suit in 2007, the same year that his wife hit him with a divorce action. I don’t know why they both pounced on him at the same time, but I would not be surprised if there was some connection between the two filings — though they transpired in different states, Susan in Texas, Louise in Florida.
In a way, it almost seems like Louise wanted more from Sir R. Allen than his own wife. In her action for paternity (which they settled) she made the court take judicial notice of the fact that he owned multiple jets, the castle they used to live in in Florida, and other fine details of the pure poshness of life with the Antiguan/Texan billionaire.
The fiancee
Stoelker has never married Mr. Stanford, nor has she had any babies for him but she used to run his empire, I’ve heard. And at one point they were engaged. There were rumors of a break up but as recently as last November, he was denying it. And maybe he was telling the truth, because when the FBI tracked him down in Fredericksburg Virginia, it was at a modest home in Virginia that is owned by Stoelker’s family member.
It looks like of all the three women, Stoelker is the one who is standing by her man. She is not only housing him, she’s imposed a gag order on her family. Nobody discusses her man with the press, or they will be “disinherited.”
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