Sherm Stick use or addiction can lead to divorce

Weird Divorce News:
The Sherm Stick divorce. Sherm Sticks as a term, and as a drug are new and trendy. What is a sherm stick? I googled the term and found that it meant “cigarettes dipped in PCP or formaldehyde.” That would sound like illegal drug use to me. If a spouse were to use illegal drugs, I believe that would be a basis for divorce in New York under the “cruelty” category. It is cruel to expose one’s spouse to criminal prosecution by using illegal drugs. It can be an emotionally and psychologically abusive action or behavior — particularly if your spouse asks you to stop the behavior and you refuse; or if you become violent, psychopathic or in any other way pathological toward your spouse as a result of the use of this narcotic.¬†
I think such a marriage would also be annullable. If the use was concealed and if you married your spouse thinking he or she was “law-abiding” only to discover that this personal habitually engages in illegal conduct. So long as there is no condonation (meaning you stick around after discovering criminal use of sherm sticks) you could probably make out a case that the marriage should be annulled due to criminal behavior/conduct that was concealed at the time of marriage. This would be a “fraud” issue. Definitely. I would think.