Dennis Beaudoin vs. David Solomon: who is the biological father of Nadya Suleman's octuplets and will he fight for custody?

Father’s Rights News:
Dennis Beaudoin claims he is the father of Nadya Suleman’s 14 kids, 8 of which are octuplets. He wants a DNA test to prove it. You have to wonder if this guy is insane or just incredibly good and decent? Why would he willingly want the legal responsibility of taking care of 14 children when he is not independently wealthy? I mean, if he is the father I think he should absolutely play a role in the children’s life, but if he and Nadya had another arrangement whereby he was simply a sperm donor, I am not sure that he has any legal right to demand a DNA test. And why would he do that? Unless he sees something in it for him? I mean, is this guy looking for fame or what?
Nadya denies that he is the father. She claims the father is a man named David Solomon. The names are kind of similar. And the kids are somewhat dark, like the Beaudoin guy.¬† Although, I haven’t seen the Solomon guy if he exists at all.
I still think there is a good chance that Nadya’s fertility specialist is the biological father of these children. I just get the feeling that he was experimenting and he used his own seed to do it. But this Beaudoin guy is definitely throwing a wrench into this whole thing. What if he is the father? Then are we looking at a custody battle over the children? Is he hoping to win millions of dollars from donors to assist with their support? Or is he just a loving, responsible dad? Or what?
This story gets more and more interesting with each passing day. I am starting to think this would make an interesting reality show. People would watch because they simply can’t help themselves. It’s a ridiculous and off the wall situation, but it is compelling. It would be good TV. I really think it would be amazing TV. I would actually purchase a television just to see what happens with this. I’m serious.
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