Divorce in Hollywood! Brad and Angelina lose the Oscars but they are not splitting: But is Sarah Jessica Parker getting divorced?

Brad and Angelina were stunning tonight, as usual. But perhaps the reason they were extra-stunning is that they both lost the Oscars they were nominated for. Will this bring them closer? Or is this the beginning of the end? The only good thing with that is that Brad and Ange are not married. They may be the smartest couple in Hollywood. Brad has said he will not marry Angelina until all Americans, including same-gender couples, can marry if they chose. I am thinking maybe same-gender couples should be the only ones to have the right to marry. How’s that?
But it was Sarah Jessica Parker who was most stunning in her Cinderella Gown. Her husband Matthew Broderick was nowhere in sight. There have been all these rumors that Matthew is having an affair. I don’t know if that is why Sarah went out and got her bosom enhanced. I don’t know if her bosom was enhanced, actually. It looked like it was enhanced to the hilt, but it could have been a really good corset and spandex or something. But they did not resemble the bosom of a forty something woman who had a kid. They looked like the bosom of a woman about 18 years old. Which made me think that Sarah is fighting for her man. Good for her. Fight, girl. Fight!