Sir R. Allen Stanford loses his passport after all; will he lose visitation rights with his kids?

Irrespective of all the posts I did on Texan/Antiguan billionaire cricket titan Sir Robert Allen Stanford, I do wish him well and I hope these allegations are proven false and that he did not breach his fiduciary duties to investors and shareholders. I really hope this is much ado about nothing. I have mouthed off quite a bit about the poor bloke, haven’t I? But I am not insensitive. This is America and he is innocent until proven guilty. The fact that somebody is charged does not make them guilty. I will defer judgment until he is proven to be guilty of these allegations….
Things change with this case daily. For example, I’ve been saying he still had his passport. Well, it was true when I said it but it is not true now. He has been relieved of his traveling privileges. The courts have confiscated the passport. No international flights, Mr. Cricket mogul. You’ve got to stay on American soil. No more living off your yacht in Antigua.
But can he see his children? That’s a good question. A father has a right to see his children, especially children on whom he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to support. Well, certainly, Mr. Stanford does not need a passport to travel within the United States. The court does have the authority, obviously, to forbid him to leave the state of Texas since that is where he is “domiciled” and that is his resident state when in the U.S. And that is where the lawsuit against him has been filed. Plus his wife (soon to be ex-wife) Susan lives in Texas, as do a couple of his kids.
But there are some kids in Florida. His two children with Louise Sage Stanford reside in Florida. Louise is his ex paramour and she has custody of the kids. She had sued him for paternity but she withdrew the suit after he settled with her. Read our related Louise Sage Stanford posts here: How will Stanford exercise his visitation rights with those kids? I guess he could always send one of his numerous planes to fetch them and bring them to Texas–assuming he’s been forbidden to leave Texas. Assuming they even want to see him. What if they don’t want to see him like Andrew and Mark Madoff who refuse to speak to, or see their father Bernard Madoff? Oh. But wait. Those planes have all been frozen, haven’t they? He can’t use those planes to fetch his kids. oh oh. Looks like, Houston, we got a problem…
Well, at least, he’s not under house arrest like Bernie Madoff and Marc Dreier. See our related Madoff posts and our Marc Dreier posts here: