Will there be a paternity suit in the Nadya Suleman case?

Nadya Suleman (Octuplet mom) is in for some trouble. An ex boyfriend who said he provided sperm for Nadya years back (sperm which may have been fertilized and turned into embryos) wants a DNA test to determine if the eight babies the California woman bore are his biological children. The man will be on Good Morning America tomorrow to discuss this turn of events.
I feel that the doctor is the father. But I could be wrong. The young man said that whether he’s the father or not, he wants to help Nadya with the babies. Why do I feel as if this is trouble? If the paternity test reveals he is the father, why do I feel there will be custody issues, like, a major custody battle in this case? If he is the biological father, he could have rights regardless of whatever it is that he signed. Father’s Rights is a whole movement now. Dads want to be involved with their kids and they are fighting hard to be heard and recognized for their role in their children’s life.
Of course, this case is not the norm. I can see a case like this going all the way to the Supreme Court and it will change artificial insemination laws forever. And maybe that is a good thing. Maybe it’s not. We shall see.
Stay tuned. I am sure there will be many updates to this story. Check out past posts. We have about ten: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=nadya