How to get your married lover to divorce his wife Ms. Astrid Buffet and Ms. Andrea Stoelker

Divorce Information: 
Married men usually don’t leave their wives for their paramours. Look at Astrid Buffet. Even though Warren Buffet and his wife Susan Buffet had been separated for YEARS, and he was “with” Astrid for decades, Warren never divorced Susan and only married Astrid after Susan passed away. So the takeway from Astrid’s point of view is: You can’t get him to leave his wife but you hold out for as long as it takes till nature intervenes or he comes to his senses and divorces her so that the two of you can be together. But don’t hold your breath that any of that will ever happen. Astrid was “lucky” that nature took Susan or Warren probably would have stayed married to Susan for the rest of his life. He was what? In his seventies when he was finally able to marry Astrid? They’ve only been married about 2 years, even though he was with her for decades. His wife died in 2004. I think your best bet is to stay away from this demographic in the first place. They are  usually a waste of your precious time.
Andrea Stoelker. Andrea is the younger, spritier version of Sir Allen Stanford’s wife Susan Stanford. They have been going together for years and he’s made her a high ranking official in his global business. They are still together and when he was apprehended by the FBI in Fredericksburg Virginia last week,  Mr. Stanford was at Andrea’s family’s house. But here is a guy, once again, who has been married to his wife for decades, even though they’ve been living separate lives for over ten years. He sees no need to divorce her. After they broke up (he and his wife) Mr. Stanford moved into a castle with another woman by the name of Louise Sage Stanford (the woman changed her last name to Stanford even though he never married her) and he had two kids with her. (This was pre-Andrea.) But he didn’t divorce Susan. And to this moment, he and Susan are still married, even though, finally, they are in divorce proceedings.
Andrea must have finally gotten to him, because I understand they were engaged. But it took her years!
So what is the final takeaway? Well, you probably can’t get your married lover to divorce his wife. He’s not going to divorce her unless he wants to. Nothing you do or say will make him do it. It will happen if he wants to do it for his own reasons or not at all. So you know what? Don’t waste your time. Find another guy who is single and available to be with you. Or be by yourself. Married men with lovers are usually losers. Even if they marry you, you have to worry about all the lovers they will have when they are supposed to have a commitment to you. Do you need it?
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