LAS VEGAS: STEVE WYNN set to have the most expensive divorce in US history

Hotel/Casino mogul Steve Wynn is still making headlines on account of these persistent divorce rumors. The Las Vegas titan who owns or has owned a slew of Vegas heavy weight hotels such as the Bellagio, Treasure Island, Wynn Las Vegas, and others is seriously rumored to be leaving his wife Elaine Wynn for a younger woman, and Brit by the name of Andrea Hissom.
At first I dismissed this as just a fling which will blow over. But I could be wrong. God knows I’ve been wrong before and it seems that this thing with Steve Wynn and Andrea Hissom won’t go away. I keep hearing that the divorce rumors are heating up and that he and Andrea are getting closer. I will believe it when I see it. A man who marries a woman twice the way Wynn married his first and only wife thus far, Elaine Wynn, is not a man who will easily dump her just because he found a new gal with bigger and firmer….well, I don’t need to go there.
But I want to point out that Steve Wynn is worth in excess of $3 billion dollars and has one of the most expensive and extensive private art collections in the world. He just opened up a new casino/hotel in Vegas called Encore, which looks like his trend-setting Wynn Las Vegas, but it is probably even better than the Wynn and he is set to double his net equity/asset holdings in a few years in spite of the recession.

But you know what? Nevada is a community property state. So that means that when couples divorce, they will likely get a 50/50 split of marital assets, more so than an equitable distribution state like New York where it rule is not 50/50, but what is “fair.”
I strongly doubt that Steve and Elaine had a prenup which means that his entire fortune is up for grabs and she did help him build his empire so it’s not as if she is some trophy wife who sat on her laurels getting her toes done for all these years. She helped him, so it is even “fair” that she get at least 50% of the marital fortune, if in fact they do divorce.
But does Steve have “grounds” for a divorce? I don’t know. I obviously don’t know Nevada divorce law as I practice in New York but I did a smidgeon of Google searches and what I am coming up with is that to get a divorce in Nevada, you must prove the following grounds:

No Fault Based Grounds:
1.  Living separate and apart for 1 year without cohabitation ; or
2.  Incompatibility.
Fault Based Grounds:
1.  Insanity which has existed for a period of at least 2 years. A witness may need to testify for this ground. (Nevada Statutes – Chapter 125 – Sections: 010)

I guess I am confused. There is no ground for “Adultery” in Nevada it doesn’t seem. How can that be? I mean the adultery goes with the marriage sort of the way a herniated disc goes with the car in a personal injury case; everybody knows that.  So how can there not be a “ground” for adultery as a basis for divorce in Nevada of all places? That makes zero sense.

I guess that if the Wynns were going to go ahead with the divorce, they would have to wait a year after they have lived apart for a whole year and use that as the ground, or one of them would have to allege incompatibility.
The thing with the incompatibility argument is that these two have been married for so long. I think the length of that marriage will mitigate against the argument that they are “incompatible.” Not that people can’t be incompatible and stay together out of habit. They can. But these two married each other twice. If I were the judge, unless they provided me with clear and convincing proof of incompatibility, I would toss the divorce.
And obviously, neither one of the Wynns is insane. How can you be insane and build all these casinos? Insane people can’t run billion dollar businesses. Can they? Whatever. I don’t think this will be an “insanity” divorce. If anything, as I said before, they are going to live apart for a year and then file. Or, they are not going to file and Steve is playing Andrea, big time.
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