Mega Millions Lottery & Divorce: Have you heard of the Juan and Iris Rodriguez lottery divorce case?

Mega Millions lottery winnings & the Colombian immigrants Iris and Juan Rodriguez case circa 2004
Okay. Obviously, I didn’t win Mega Millions last night as I predicted and so I won’t be sailing off, somewhere, across the Caspian Sea to Mauritius just yet…But I am intrigued with this topic since it is one of the top searches in Google today (Mega Millions lottery, that is), and since Mega Millions is now up to $171 million dollars.
So, of course I went digging to see if New York had seen a case that involved a couple who divorced after winning Mega and low and behold, I found Iris Rodriguez and Juan Rodriguez’s case that dates back to 2004.
Juan Rodriguez won $149 million just days after filing bankruptcy with 78 cents on the bank. He owed his creditors $40,000 when he filed. Days later, he hit lotto. Can you believe that? He must have done something amazingly good in his past life. That is crazy.
But a month later, his wife Iris Rodriguez slapped him with divorce papers and slapped the Lottery officials with an injunction, barring them from paying Juan a dime till they had settled the case.
Isn’t that wild? I don’t know how the case ended up. I am still searching for info on that, but I found this archived Daily News article on the case here:
Wow! Where was I five year ago? I never heard of this story till today! But as I mentioned in this post yesterday, lottery winnings are marital property and the law is that it is usually split down the middle, 50/50 no matter which spouse bought the ticket. So I would be really surprised if Iris didn’t walk away with half that loot after taxes. Anybody know what happened in that case?….oh. Wait. Who am I talking to? My freaking self. Nobody reads this blog except for maybe two people in Manhattan. Oh well, they don’t know what they are missing, so there.
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