Battle of the billionaires’ girlfriends: Steve Wynn and Sir R. Allen Stanford compete for “Andrea”

Andrea Stoelker looks like an 18 year old Juliet next to her beau Sir Robert Allen Standord,  the Texan billionaire who is accused of securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Mr. Stanford, a handsome 58 year old Romeo in spite of his alleged fraudulent tendencies, is said to have a very tender place in his heart for the youthful Ms. Stoelker, his alleged fiancee even though he is still married to his wife of several decades, Susan Stanford of Texas.
Mr. Stanford is said to hang “onto Andrea’s every word” by people close to the couple,  and to “pander to her every whim” and to be very “protective of her.” He even gave her a big job in his company even though there were others who were infinitely more qualified than she. Not that I am accusing him of nepotism or anything. But there is some rumor that Andrea was having some stiff competition from a 35 year old woman by the name of Laura Pendergest-Holt for whom Mr. Stanford’s professional admiration in the months leading up to his fraud suit, was well known. Ms. Pendergest-Holt, a career climber for whom Mr. Stanford is said to have had “great respect” is a key SEC witness against Mr. Stanford. Some see this as the height of disloyalty since Mr. Stanford was behind Ms. Pendergest-Holt’s “meteoric rise” in his company Stanford Financial, a fact that made his girlfriend Andrea a little more than slightly jealous.
But at the end of the day, it looks like it is no contest between the Stanford women. Pendergest-Holt is expected to “betray” Mr. Stanford by cooperating with and helping the Feds/SEC find billions of dollars in missing investor funds from Stanford Financial. This will not endear her to Stanford’s inner circle, obviously, and Andrea is expected to win Mr. Stanford’s hand in marriage with no further challenge from Ms. Pendergest-Holt once this misunderstanding is all cleared up. 
Andrea Stoelkerhas been there for her man, giving him shelter and refuge and just being a loyalist and caring friend/employee in a way that Ms. Pendergest-Holt has not. Andrea’s family helped to shelter Mr. Stanford in Fredericksburg Virginia when APB had been put on his head. I guess that is why Mr. Stanford thinks so highly of Ms. Stoelker and that’s why he will marry her instead of “Ice Princess”  Ms. Pendergest-Holt. He is now realizing that he was wrong about Ms. Pendergest-Holt in more ways than one.   
Steve Wynn. Steve Wynn, as I have written in about 3 or 4 other posts, is a Vegas casino titan who is rumored to be on the verge of ending his marriage to his wife Elaine Wynn whom he has been married to for decades (since the 1960’s!), so that he can be with a 40-something year old British woman by the name of Andrea Hissom. Like Mr. Stanford, Mr. Wynn is partial to the name Andrea, for some strange reason. And for another thing, he is partial to women who make him feel strong, virile and protective. Andrea is said to make Mr. Wynn feel very strong and very virile. He is very protective of her and “hangs on to her every whim” according to sources.
Andrea Hissom is hardly a young spring chicken like Andrea Stoelker, nor is she as beautiful. She is already the mother of teen aged children and has been married at least once before. One could not think of her as “Juliet” or of Mr. Wynn as “Romeo”, the way one would think of Allen Stanford and Andrea Stoelker as Juliet and Romeo. The Stanford/Stoelker pairing is much “prettier” than the Wynn/Hissom pairing, for starters. And they are also a lot younger than the 67 year old Wynn and the forty-something Hissom.
But Hissom and Wynn allegedly have a very strong connection and he is said to be ready to give his wife Elaine over a billion dollars in settlement, including one of two hotels he recently built in Vegas, Encore and Wynn Las Vegas, if it means that he can spend the rest of his life with the English beauty. His wife Elaine, is, of course, devastated by this unexpected end to her marriage to the tycoon. They have been through a lot together and have built an empire that is the envy of many people the world over.
But. So. Which billionaire has the best “Andrea”? My money is on Stoelker. She is better looking. She’s younger. And she came to her “Romeo’s”  rescue when she was tested. That tells me a lot about her love for this man. Hissom has not been tested except in so far as portraying herself as this sexy kitten who can blow a billionaire’s mind. That is good. And it is important. But what will she do when put to the test? Nobody knows and maybe nobody will ever know unless the SEC were to accuse Wynn of a ponzi. And realistically, what are the chances of that? But I can tell you this. Elaine Wynn would stand by him no matter what. Never met the woman. But I know that for sure.