Kidney Divorce: Long Island surgeon Dr. Batista loses bid to get his kidney back from divorcing wife

To keep it short and sweet, the Nassau County court ruled that Batista’s kidney to his wife was a gift which he cannot get back. The decision even suggested that he had committed a crime by asking for it back, which is very interesting to me. I don’t know if I would have gone as far as to say it was a crime. It was definitely off the wall. And I am sure he didn’t expect to put her under the knife to get the kidney. But the monetary value of it…this is definitely too weird to analyze anymore. See previous posts on the topic here if you want more. But  I, for one, am glad this has been resolved the way it has. I mean, I understand the doctor’s hurt feelings. I really do. He alleges he gave her his kidney and then she dumped him for another man. Look, that’s hard to take if it is true. I wouldn’t take that well if the shoe was on my foot, you know? But it was definitely crazy to raise this issue as a point of negotiating equitable distribution, no doubt about it. I don’t know if I would have raised it in a divorce context. But would I ever forgive my spouse for doing the things he claims she did AFTER I had given him one of my kidneys? No. Never. Forgiveness is not one of my strong suits anyway. I love hard and when I get hurt, I find it impossible to forgive and forget. But would I go so far as to sue for a body part? Look, I hope not. You know? I mean, circumstances alter cases, you know? So I can’t really judge the doc too harshly. Yes, he’s nuts. Utterly unhinged. But I think it comes from great hurt.
Still, the case was decided correctly and hopefully they can all move on with their lives.