Morgan Freeman sued by alleged extra-marital mistress Demaris Meyer

71 year old Morgan Freeman is being sued by a woman he is alleged to have had an extra-marital affair with while still married to his wife of 24 years Myrna Colley-Lee. By the way, the Oscar winning actor and his wife are not yet divorced even though they filed for divorce right after the accident for which Mr. Freeman is being sued occurred.
Notwithstanding the fact that Mr. Freeman was separated from his wife at the time of the incident, Ms. Demaris, the reputed paramour, was careful to deny any allegations that she was Mr. Freeman’s paramour. In her petition or news conference, or whatever, she explained that he was just giving her a ride in her own car to his house in Mississippi after the two met at a party of a mutual friend. Sure, that was very cozy and there was probably some light flirtation going on there and if there was no affair, I am sure at least one of them had an affair on their mind.
But Ms. Demaris says that they had not met before and they have not been together since, and that is credible. But I also think that this whole idea of him driving her car, and taking her to his house at night after a party at a mutual friends house? Unless one or both of them are not into the opposite sex, they were flirting. BIG TIME. And then the stupid car turned over and sobered them right up.  
Her lawsuit against Mr. Freeman is based in negligence. She is arguing that on account of his failure to adhere to his duty to drive safely, properly look out, and drive in an unaltered state, aka without alcohol on the brain, he nearly killed them both in that car accident and he caused her permanent injuries and she wants to be compensated for her pain and suffering.
What’s the takeaway? Well, in Ms. Demaris’ case steer clear of married men. That is a species that you shouldn’t even accept a ride from them in your own car cause if there is a car accident, everybody’s gonna call you a homewrecker. For Mr. Freeman? Don’t try to save damsels in distress in their own car and offer them shelter in your home if you have been drinking; and especially make sure you have a judgment of divorce before you start being so “gentlemanly” towards other women cause it will destroy the woman’s reputation (notice nobody is calling you a cheat?) and I’m sure you are too much of a gentleman to want to see that happen. For the rest of us? Same as for Demaris and Mr. Freeman.