Can marriage counseling save your marriage? Or do you just need a journal?

Marriage counseling may save your marriage; or better yet, get a journal
I personally can’t really speak with any authority on the issue of  marriage “counseling” and “therapy.” I’ve never had either – whether marriage or otherwise. The way I handle all of the mammoth challenges and problems life unleashes is I journal like a mad cat. I have mountains of journals which I have kept over the years and I tell you, I go through those things and I cringe in retrospect. All the answers are there. Every mammoth man mistake I made was predicted and analyzed before I went ahead and made the mammoth man mistake. Cause I lay myself bare in my journals. I really write down what I feel, describe every moment and word and exchange in minute detail. Everything I am today, I can literally trace the path to here by just re-reading my journals.
So I never entrusted anybody else with my issues and angst. Though many people do on a regular basis, and it seems the wealthier they are, the more likely they are to subscribe to the idea of  “therapy” and “counseling” and for many married couples, this could literally save their marriage from divorce. All movie stars have shrinks. I am convinced of this. It must be such fun for the shrinks to sit there a listen to, say, Jennifer Anniston unload about Brad and Angelina; or to Carla Bruni Sarkozy (First Lady of France) unload about what irks her about  her husband Nicolas Sarkozy.
I read somewhere recently, it might have been in Vogue, that Madame Sarkozy said, “seeing a shrink is hygiene.” And that stuck in my mind for some reason. Because I have never heard it put that way before; that somehow getting psychoanalyzed (is that a strong word?) by a third party, makes you mentally cleaner than you were if you didn’t get it. It’s almost like saying having a shrink is like bathing, or wearing deodorant, or brushing your hair.
I was bemused by the statement but it really has impacted a part of my brain because here I am blogging about it in the context of marriage counseling and whether getting counseling can protect you from DIVORCE. And to the extent that Madame Sarkozy could be correct in her assessment that seeing a shrink is hygiene, then by all means, if you haven’t taken your marriage to the couch, you have pretty much adulterated it, and have allowed it to atrophy and grow molds and even to rot and you need to change that. You need to take a more “hygienic” approach to it.
I am not being blasé but you may need to think of bathing your marriage, putting on deodorant on it, cleaning it, washing it, in order to save it. And based on what Carla Bruni Sarkozy said, one way you might do that is by getting marriage counseling, which is essentially finding a shrink who will listen to the two of you unload about what irks you about the other. And I imagine he or she may give you some tools to help you, some soap, if I may, that can cleanse whatever is wrong or “unclean” in your marriage, and ultimately, you will avoid having to hire a divorce attorney.
Does what I just wrote make any sense? Or is it just offensive? Or what? I hope it made some sense. It kinda sorta makes sense to me. But then again, I’m slightly biased.