JERUSALEM: 14 year old Israeli divorcee consumated marriage with 17 year old boyfriend

A 14 year old Israeli girl was granted a divorce from her 17 year old boyfriend, even though the two were just skylarking when they got married in the first place. Says Reuters:

It all began as a lark, in a schoolyard where a 17-year-old boy recently declared the girl his wife, reciting a Jewish ritual vow in front of witnesses, and she accepted his ring.
That, and what a spokeswoman for Israel’s Rabbinical Courts said was the consummation of their marriage, was enough to make them man and wife in the Jewish state. Spokeswoman Efrat Orbach, describing the girl as the youngest Jewish divorcee in Israel’s modern history, said the couple was granted a rabbinical divorce this week.

Fourteen is young, obviously, but does it come close to comparing to the marriage of 9 year old Jayla and 7 year old Jose in Texas last week?
Of course, there was no consummation of Jayla and Jose’s marriage (only a kiss!) and they are not seeking an annulment (it was only a symbolic marriage. I hope?) But still, the way things are going in the world these days, I am not that taken aback by this story, if at all. Are you?