The Widowed divorcee

Can someone be a widow and a divorcee at the same time? Of course. But only in so far as we are talking about different marriages. In other words, a woman could have married one man and divorced him. So now she is a divorcee. Then she marries another man (or the same man) and he dies. So now she is a widow or a widowed divorcee.
But can she be a widowed divorcee of the same man and from the same marriage? Well, look at the recent news involving Wendy Ruiz and her husband Michael Ruiz who shot his lover Debra Silver to death on the Upper West Side. She was in divorce proceedings and had already filed for divorce in New Jersey.
Let’s say Michael died on the same day that Wendy’s divorce was signed. Then, yes, I think she would be a “widowed divorcee.” If he died before the divorce was signed, then she is just a widow. If he doesn’t die and the divorce gets signed, she is just a divorcee. Does that make sense? Why did I bring it up?
Well, I just wonder if there are people out there who have ever found themselves to be  “widowed divorcees?” I know it’s a totally weird and off the wall thought. But I just wonder about the legal repercussions for such a person. I guess if there are issues with equitable distribution we’re now looking at Trusts and Estates Law to help sort it all out because I imagine the divorce would have just gotten complicated at the time the spouse kicked the bucket.
But. Yea. That must be pretty peculiar finding oneself a “widowed divorcee.” Don’t you think?