Can you remain friends with your in-laws after a divorce?

Friendship with the in laws post-divorce. Yea or Nay?
I say it depends. On the one hand, you can remain friends with your in laws after a divorce just like Jennifer Anniston who did it with Brad Pitt’s mom.
Jen is quoted as saying, “I am still friends with my ex-mother in law. I didn’t divorce her.” And I say, why not? I mean, I am not going to say that I would want to do it because I am one of those people who needs a clean break from the whole relationship and everything that had to do with the man including the photographs, gifts, apartment and his mother because it’s the only way I will find closure and heal. I need to put as much distance between myself and the “scene of the crime” (I think I actually used this line in my one of my books ) as I possibly can and sometimes that is going to mean moving to a new continent.
But it doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole lot of “mature” people who can handle post-divorce relationships–even with in laws–with a lot more aplomb than I. And you might be one of those people. In which case, yes, why not? Be friends with the in laws all you wish if they will have you.
Besides, when you get married, it is different from just dating someone. I would think. You tend to form stronger bonds and it probably isn’t so easy just to walk away. You probably start to think of the in laws as family–if they have treated you well. Look at Marian Robinson and her son in law, President Obama. He likes her so much she’s living at the White House!
Of course, if your in laws treated you like leprosy then obviously this post doesn’t apply; check out this post on when the mother law destroys your marriage:
So, unless you have a bad relationship with the in laws, like Bruce Pardo obviously did I see no reason not to continue a relationship. Unless you are hoping that by doing that, you will somehow win back a spouse who is just not that into you? If that is the case, then no. Don’t do that to yourself. Move on. Move away. Cut all ties. Shred the pictures, the dress, everything. And start fresh somewhere else with somebody else or be by yourself–get your identity back. In a few years, after this blows over and you have truly moved on, if there was genuine love there with you and the in laws, maybe you can renew your acquaintance. But I suspect that things will not be the exact same after the divorce. And you shouldn’t expect it to be either. That just doesn’t seem very healthy to me.